The Battery Is Dead: How To Restore Energy

12 recharge rules to get your energy back

Spring has come, but there is no reason to rejoice? Analyze what exactly upsets, worries and angers you. Try to describe your emotions.

Here, for example, what energy is spent on in addition to physical and mental actions:

  • for stress;
  • on unhappy relationships and unsolved questions in personal life;
  • to unnecessary blocking of muscles in uncomfortable positions (stooping in an office chair, clamped postures at a desk);
  • go to untreated colds or other ailments;
  • to useless thinking about the past and worries about the future;
  • the habit of keeping everything under control;
  • to resentment, shame and the habit of being guilty;
  • on empty conversations and scrolling social media feeds;
  • on internal conflicts and unhealthy addictions;
  • to anxiety and restless thoughts jumping from one object to another;
  • self-digging, self-flagellation and self-criticism;
  • for an unloved job.

If you squander energy and give more than you receive, the whole organism will work defectively, including the most subtle matters. For the sake of physical and mental health, it makes sense to optimize the process, to establish a balance of energy expenditure and their replenishment. Below are a few ways to restore energy and vitality, productivity and motivation.


In bed – no later than 22.30 and getting up before six is ​​not necessary, especially if you have chronic fatigue and burnout. Leave your smartphone in the living room on charge, and read a couple of pages of a pleasant book or meditate for bedtime. Get enough sleep and get enough energy to get through even Monday. Quiet time during the day is not available to everyone, not everyone likes it, and in addition, it can interfere with falling asleep in the evening. In the morning, drive away the thought “five more minutes”, but do not rush to jump out of bed: blink, make faces, stretch in different directions, turn on your side and slowly change position from horizontal to vertical.


Tibetan gurus recommend drinking a glass of hot water in the morning. And two is better. Strictly on an empty stomach and do not eat / drink after this procedure for about 20 minutes. So you start the body towards the day, wake up the dormant metabolism, open the chakras correctly and prolong your life. As for breakfast, you probably already know: the brain needs a charge of vivacity in the form of natural and healthy energy drinks – cereals, protein, vegetables, fruits. Do not be zealous with coffee, accustom yourself to drinking tea, ideally mate or pure. The first is rich in caffeine, and the second is valued by the Chinese for its active stimulating properties.


First, rub your body with a dry natural bristle brush for extra vigor and stimulation of blood flow (as well as to improve skin turgor), and then take a contrast shower. That is, after washing your hair and everything else, alternately change the water to warm and cool. Or at the end of the procedure, douse yourself with cold water.


This requires a strategy, as in any military action: regular breaks, a couple of days of work from home or just in seclusion, chamomile tea at night, periodic visits to a psychologist. Stress takes a huge amount of energy, both physical and mental, so in addition to your fight plan, try to reduce its presence in your life as much as possible. Delegate everyday tasks – periodically order ready-made lunches / dinners and pay for weekly cleaning by calculating the available budget.


The brain can only fully cope with the solution of one problem. When there are too many, it takes a lot of energy (and nerves), and sometimes the results are depressing. Focus on one thing. For example, to maintain an atmosphere of calm at home. Or keep a normal working rhythm. Optimize processes, schedule tasks with clear prioritization, and do only what needs to be done on a particular day. Act strictly in the described sequence and do not proceed to the next item without finishing the previous one.


Charging from the word “charge”, and this is no accident: sport (like sex) invigorates in the morning. If sports aren’t nice, put on upbeat music and dance. Blood will run faster throughout the body, supplying cells with oxygen, releasing hormones of joy and accelerating metabolic processes. Ignore the elevator, electric buses too: three stops on foot in the cold is what you need to restore your tone. Use the subway escalator as a climbing simulator. And do not neglect regular classes, in the gym or at home: guilt is a source of stress, and we have already figured out how to deal with it.


When walking down the street or sitting in the office, keep your back straight. Firstly, it inspires self-worth and increases resistance to stress. Secondly, a straight spine is not only a way to avoid pain and tight muscles in the shoulders and back: according to a study published in the journal Health Psychology, a vertical position (without leaning forward and swaying, leaning on the back of a chair) is associated with brain activity and the level of incoming energy.


When irrepressible lethargy overtakes you and the frequency of yawns increases to indecent, go for a walk (or just on the balcony) and breathe fresh air for about 10 minutes. This will increase your energy levels and focus. Walking in the park at least a couple of times a week is a habit that all melancholics, hypochondriacs and the remaining 5% of the population should strive for. And do not forget to regularly ventilate the room, providing yourself and your colleagues with oxygen.


Don’t skip breakfast, don’t drink coffee (and alcohol) on an empty stomach, and avoid sweets, pastries, and sugary sodas whenever possible. Throwing in fast carbohydrates quickly raises the glucose level in the body, but then drops just as sharply, and you feel a breakdown. Good foods for an energy snack: nuts, citrus fruits, an apple, a banana, a couple of wedges of dark chocolate. And drink water – 1.5-2 liters a day. With alcohol, things are like this: it relaxes when you are stressed, but during sleep, the body spends all its energy on intoxication, and not on restoring energy.


Even internal dialogues have to spend energy, not to mention how much precious energy we pour into empty chatter or, what good, gossip. Try practicing abstaining from talking and see how your mental state improves. Alone with yourself, learn to breathe in the pranayama system and with each inhalation-exhalation, feel how the surviving nerve cells are hugging, each of them is enriched with oxygen, passing a powerful energy flow through the chain … For those who do not believe in yogic abilities, we advise you to strain your sense of smell and get acquainted with aromatherapy. Put on your desktop lemon balm or a potted lemon, a bottle of mint or grapefruit essential oil, which is recommended to sniff or drip on your wrist from time to time: it refreshes and invigorates.


Get rid of people who don’t like you and don’t bring you joy. Meet and chat with nice people, kids and pets. Help those in need and expect nothing in return. Good deeds will definitely return to you in the form of a good mood, and the mood helps a lot to restore vitality, especially for a woman.


In creativity (drawing, modeling, dancing, staging, needlework, writing poetry and stories), you will discover an inexhaustible source of energy exchange. Do something that fascinates you, and do not spare time for hobbies. And in general, at any opportunity, in an incomprehensible situation, and preferably always – do what you like.