What Face Tonic to Use – Choose by Skin Type

There are various types of face toners on the market, but which one is right for you? We understand this issue.

Dry skin

Your skin is constantly tightened, dry and flaky.

What toner to use: Look for a toner that will moisturize your skin without making it sticky. For texture, go for a thick product, not a watery product.

Tips for use: Apply the toner not in one layer, but in several at once.

Oily skin

Your skin produces too much sebum and looks oily even after cleansing. You also have visible wide pores.

What toner to use: A toner for oily skin should remove excess sebum, but should not dry out the dermis. Look for toners with a light liquid texture that refresh and matte skin.

Combination skin

The skin on the cheeks is dry, but on the forehead and in the T-zone it is still oily after cleansing.

What toner to use: In order not to dry out the skin and clean it well, choose a light moisturizing toner. You can also use acid toners for your face.

Problematic and sensitive skin

Your skin is constantly irritated and reacts capriciously to most treatments.

What toner to use: A face toner for problem skin is the hardest to find. Read the ingredients carefully and avoid ingredients that irritate your skin. Rely on tonics with soothing ingredients that are not too thick.