5 Things He She Does To Drive Him Mad

Love makes you blind and put on rose-tinted glasses. If a man’s beloved woman is perfect, he doesn’t see her faults, turns all her faults into pluses, forgives all her faults and thinks she is the best. But even if a man is experiencing very strong feelings, akin to dependence – there are at least 5 actions on the part of a woman who will inevitably repel him and make him feel dislike. It’s simply impossible to turn a blind eye to them.

1. She’s been waving her hands in the air.

Man loves eyes – a long-known fact. And a lady’s outward attractiveness is very important in the perception of her partner. When a woman neglects herself and stops to look after herself, gathering her hair “into a bun”, forgetting about cosmetics and beautiful clothes, her husband can not help but notice this. Yes, he still loves her, but his attraction to her is noticeably diminished and the woman’s slovenliness is repulsive.

2 She’s been flirting with his friends

Sometimes a woman considers it perfectly normal to flirt with her beau’s friends. She flirts with them, making ambiguous remarks about them, smiles sweetly and literally oozes coquetry. She may not have malicious intentions behind her behaviour but she demeans her man in the eyes of her mates because her behaviour is perceived as accessibility, vulgarity and a total lack of respect for her partner.

3. She lied to him

There may be many reasons for a woman to lie: this is a desire to hide from her partner, and attempts to hide secret admirers, manipulation, and just unwillingness to be honest and sincere. By special signs, behaviour and blatant blunders the man sooner or later realises that he is being played for a fool, and tries to catch the girl in a lie.

It is difficult to gain trust, but it is easy to lose it if you make a wrong move. The woman she loves falls immediately in her partner’s eyes when she realizes she is being lied to brazenly.

4 She hasn’t thanked him… again.

If a man tries for his beloved, he expects admiration and appreciation from her. For his desire to help, to take over someone else’s duties, and just for a nailed-down shelf or moved the wardrobe. But often a woman takes everything for granted, as something that her partner is obliged to do for her, and does not even think of thanking her.

It really hurts a man if a woman doesn’t appreciate his efforts. It’s as simple as saying a few warm words. Sometimes a simple “thank you” can work wonders and lift up your partner to the sky.

5. She’s become clingy.

Men don’t like being obtrusive. Even if she is the woman he loves, a suitor can be terribly annoyed by her demands for extra attention, pestering him with idle talk, ultimatums against his socializing with friends…

It seems as if the lady has taken over all the space in the man’s life. She is everywhere, she constantly advises, tells you what to do and does not give her boyfriend even a minute to be alone with himself. Such behaviour repulses the man, makes him isolate himself from the woman and desperately long for solitude, silence and peace.