How To Learn To Drink More Water?

In the heat, the well-known rule of “eight glasses” becomes vital for the skin and the body as a whole.

In ordinary life, when the temperature outside the window does not exceed twenty degrees, one can argue with the well-known rule “eight glasses of water a day”. But when the thermometer outside the window rapidly exceeds this mark, the amount of sunlight fuels interest in hydration.

Even in the heat, we are used to constantly replacing water with alternative drinks: from kombucha to matches (this is at best! After all, we are usually talking about tea / coffee). Isn’t it time to give our body the amount of pure H2O it deserves? These easy and fun life hacks will help you transform from the “queen of the desert” into a reasonable “water drinker”.

Track your water consumption on your phone

You do not need to have psychic abilities to immediately say that you are “glued” to the phone 24/7. So why not put it to better use and help yourself manage your water intake? For example, download one of a dozen apps like Waterlogged that logs every milliliter of fluid and challenges you to hydrate your body in a playful way. In addition, these apps usually contain charts that update in real time to show you how close you are to reaching your goal.

Another surefire way to drink more water using your phone is to set an alarm for every two hours. Do not forget to choose your favorite music for the call or put the mantra in the name of the reminder: “Drink, drink and drink again.”

Buy a nice water bottle

Sometimes all we really need is a little bit of visual motivation. A stylish water bottle (like a thermos, but not heated) that looks spectacular on your desktop will want to be refilled throughout the day. Maybe this is your key to meeting the recommended dose of H2O?

Challenge yourself with a 45 day challenge

Scientists have proven that any habit is developed after 45 days. For the “accustoming time”, arrange a real challenge for yourself (by the way, you can also connect your friends / colleagues to it). Let your thirst for competition spur you on to develop a healthy habit. In order not to “break loose”, it is enough to “personalize” a bottle of water. For example, put serifs on it with the exact time or prescribe small desires that will come true only if you drink the established norm per day. Another option is to promise yourself a nice reward after the deadline: expensive shoes or a dress with a floral print.