Tips for a Couple Who Are Starting to Live Together for The First Time

Many lovers are waiting for this moment with bated breath. The first night in a common house, the first breakfast cooked together, the first joint trips to the supermarket. For a couple who are just starting to live together, every little thing and concern seems to be the most precious time. It is very important that this feeling remains for a long time. Femme4 – about the main rules for starting a life together.

Personal space

No matter how silly the idea of ​​a personal space for blissful moments of relaxation from each other may seem at the very beginning, it is worth thinking about everyone having their own quiet corner, if necessary, from the first days of living together. We must admit, because we all have our own oddities and bad habits, and therefore it is very important for everyone to immediately outline their personal boundaries – many psychologists call this the key to a long and strong relationship.

Compromise is inevitable

He wants to put a ping-pong table in the middle of the living room, and you just need an expensive cashmere blanket for your bed. The first days and weeks of living together will inevitably require compromises in everyday trifles – and again, the ability to find this compromise will immediately determine the immediate prospects for the development of relations.

Distribution of duties

Everyday life together inexorably shrouds romance with a veil of pressing problems and everyday trifles, which together make up a good half of the day. It is believed that the sooner in the first days of life together, a couple determines each other’s responsibilities around the house, the easier it will be not to notice these things, and even more so not to let them interfere in the relationship. It is so common for some girls to fall into a naive rage when moving to their partner’s apartment that they are ready to take on the cleaning, washing, cooking, and taking out the trash. Until one day they discover that this is the only thing they do from morning to evening, while the beloved lies on the couch and relaxes. That is why it is important from the very beginning to decide on household chores so that everyone has their own area of ​​responsibility and a clear understanding of each other’s role.

Speak openly

The main rule for beginners to live together is to talk openly about everything, including their own insecurity and dissatisfaction, even if it concerns everyday trifles. Honesty and openness in a relationship is a salvation from reservations and discord and brings the couple even closer. It is very important from the very beginning not to doubt yourself and your partner, not to be afraid to admit your own and his weaknesses and shortcomings, not to hold offense and share everything that worries you. Mutual respect is born in conversations on equal terms, which lays the foundation for lasting relationships for many years.