Why Is It Okay To See A Psychologist?

When is it worth seeing a counsellor?

Many people still believe that consulting a psychologist is an extreme measure worth resorting to only in exceptional cases when “life can no longer go on like this”. And in this they make a mistake, because at the moment when everything becomes absolutely intolerable, one psychologist can not solve the problem and has to resort to another and psychotherapist, and only talking is not the end – have to apply for medication.

To avoid extreme cases, when it may even be psychosomatic illnesses, it is worth going to a psychologist, for example, prolonged apathy. According to Mikhail Labkovsky (whom there is no reason not to trust), if a person suddenly stops feeling the taste of life, enjoys good events and lives “as in the movies”, as if an outsider, out of habit, it is a sure call that something goes wrong. This can no longer simply be put down to a bad mood or a lingering bad streak. A psychologist can help prevent apathy from turning into true depression.

Isn’t a good friend a substitute for an experienced professional?

There is also no mistaking the notion that loyal friends are a reliable alternative to a psychologist. Of course, having people with whom you can communicate confidentially and “open your soul” is important and it helps to build an internal dialogue in a person, but we should not forget that even the closest interlocutor is not a professional and he can also make mistakes, give wrong advice. And given that people are often not used to speaking unpleasant truths to their faces (out of a variety of beliefs, for example, not wishing to offend), this fact becomes obvious. A good and competent psychologist will not only look at the situation from a new perspective, but because of his own professionalism and status will gain the necessary authority in the eyes of the person.

Why not be afraid to go to a specialist?

The truth is simple: people are examined at regular intervals, which usually does not panic anyone, so it is worth checking your psychological state if you have any doubts about it. It is not necessary to look for the most expensive specialist in town: any qualified specialist will be able to find out whether the cause of this apathy is a lack of vitamins, or there are internal problems behind it. So being afraid to go to a psychologist should be exactly to the same extent as to fear a visit to any other doctor.

How do you find “your” psychologist?

Speaking of doctors: out of old habit, people often think that a feeling of discomfort when seeing a doctor is quite normal. This position itself is wrong, and certainly do not go for a consultation with a psychologist with these beliefs. Because establishing a tone of trust is of great importance. People need to feel that the specialist not only listens carefully, but also does it with sincere disposition. Only in this case visits to the psychologist will not turn into torture and will have the necessary result. If, however, during communication discomfort and “tightness” are the main emotions, it is worth avoiding further sessions with the psychologist of your choice: there will be no benefit.

What happens at the first appointment and what to expect later on?

Going to a psychologist for the first appointment, it is advisable to prepare thoroughly and think about what kind of problems you want to solve with his help. Do not worry if it will be difficult to define a particular task or even if you will not be able to do it: reflection is not the easiest and most pleasant thing. However, make a list of what you would like to change in your psychological state, and try to write down (yes, exactly write down) a kind of opening statement in which you talk about yourself and your current difficulties in life, which prompted you to see a specialist. Also, be prepared that at the first session you will not immediately “talk”, and if you do, the session will probably not be without tears. There is no need to be embarrassed about this at all. If the contact between you and the psychologist is established, continue your visits in the rhythm in which it is convenient for you, only you know how much time you need for the consciousness of the conversation. And, of course, be prepared that after a couple of visits you will be given a real homework assignment, which you will have to deal with honestly and responsibly.