What Foods Are Better Not To Eat For Breakfast

Learning from our mistakes

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. However, this is true for some people, while others prefer to skip it altogether. And besides, an unhealthy breakfast is far worse than skipping one meal. Ideally, you want to get enough fibre, protein and healthy fats in the morning to boost your energy and feel full. Here’s how you know which foods are not the best idea you could ever have. 


Many people think that breakfast cereal is the best choice for children and adults. Alas, it isn’t. They say on the packages that they contain whole-grain products and that cereals themselves are a source of many nutrients, including iron and vitamin A. This is true, but we hasten to disappoint you – such cereals are processed and end up containing only a fraction of whole grains. But sugar is actually present – and in excessive quantities. 

Waffles and pancakes

Pancakes, waffles, fritters, pancakes – these breakfast options are very popular not only at home but also in restaurants. Flour, eggs, sugar and milk are all contained in these treats, which although cooked differently, their essence is the same. These pastries are often sprinkled with syrup or jam – needless to say, whatever the name may be, there is always an abundance of sugar involved?


Muffins are essentially the same as cakes, but undercover and in miniature. Although muffins are often made with different fruit or vegetable additions, the only healthy ingredient (which is the default) is eggs.  

Butter toast

Sounds quite appetising and even healthy – as long as there’s no sugar here either. Other than that, it all depends on the bread itself: more specifically, the flour it was made from. And butter often contains trans fats – the most harmful fats that exist. Conclusion one: it is worth carefully reading the composition of even the most familiar products. 

Fruit Juice

Often packed juices contain little juice but a lot of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Surprisingly, even 100% fruit juice means sugar in decent amounts. Fruit juice is less harmful than carbonated drinks, but the benefits are out of the question. 

Sweet yogurt

White Greek yoghurt made from whole milk with a pinch of berries on top is a great option. However, the same cannot be said for sweet fruit yoghurt from the supermarket. In fact, it sometimes contains more sugar than ice cream. 

Muesli bars

Alas, this treat is no better than the usual chocolate bars. Unprocessed oats are rich in fibre, but there’s usually no more than 1-3 grams of fibre in this kind. But sugar, corn syrup and honey are all present in abundance.