What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight: 4 Rules To Start The Day To Lose Weight

Avocado toast or scrambled eggs? Or all at once?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and affects hunger throughout the day. For example, if we eat sweets in the morning, we will quickly get hungry. But a balanced, even hearty breakfast will help you lose weight.

Nutritionists recommend trusting your natural hunger. And if you cannot eat a lot after waking up, then you do not need to force yourself, just postpone the first meal for the time that your body requires.

How does breakfast help you lose weight?

In a study from the University of L├╝beck, Germany, researchers found that a hearty but balanced breakfast leads to the burning of more calories during the day and provides more energy.

This is due to the metabolic curve, which is known to peak in the morning. Before 12 noon, our body assimilates significantly more calories than in the afternoon, so morning workouts are the fastest way to lose weight, if that’s the goal you set for yourself. Only you need to train on an empty stomach in the morning. But after class, even the most plentiful breakfast will still contribute to weight loss.

But even without sports, our body can receive maximum calories in the morning without fear of gaining excess weight. The main thing is to provide the body with healthy and nutritious food. And in order not to get hungry during the day, you need to eat less sweets and not make frequent snacks. The more time elapses between meals, the better.

What to eat to lose weight?

Healthy food is central to diets – not only to effectively lose weight, but also to provide the body with energy. On this diet, you eat most of your meal in the morning, medium in the afternoon, and the smallest in the evening. Such a schedule will give the body enough time to digest and create a natural calorie deficit.

This is important if you want to lose weight!

Reduce each meal throughout the day.

In addition to fiber, breakfast should include fresh fruits or vegetables.

Include whole grain bread or oatmeal. Healthy carbohydrates provide the body with enough energy to live and exercise.

Protein will help you stay full for a long time and support your body during regular exercise. If you play sports, you can’t go without protein.

Based on these rules, ideal breakfast recipes look like this: yogurt with fruits and oatmeal, smoothie bowls, whole wheat toast with avocado and egg, or scrambled eggs with vegetables and toast.

Why eating well can help you lose weight?

In fact, the goal of any diet is not to eat less, but to qualitatively change the diet. After all, you should never skip meals. You can’t have a hearty breakfast and then don’t eat all day, so you won’t lose weight. It’s about the conscious choice of food. You can combine proper nutrition with intermittent fasting and give your body even more time to digest food – this will also help you lose weight quickly.