How Not To Gain Weight From Carbohydrates? A Simple Trick To Help You Stay In Shape

An interesting new study by nutritionists

Quite often, the cause of weight gain is an excess of carbohydrates in the diet. A large amount of simple carbohydrates affects the level of insulin, and this hormone, in turn, makes us feel hungry.

It turns out to be a vicious circle. However, scientists recently conducted an experiment that confirmed that you can eat your favorite carbohydrates in reasonable quantities without consequences and sharp jumps in blood sugar levels, but there is one trick.

Experiment with “bears”

German nutritionist Karsten Lekutat, in his new book One Apple Makes You Healthy, Three Apples Lead to Fatty Liver, spoke about an interesting experiment. A diabetes specialist conducted a scientific study on the effect of gummy bears on human blood sugar levels. Under normal circumstances, sweets led to sugar spikes and hunger shortly after snacking. On another occasion, the doctor, in front of the “bears”, gave his subjects a portion of cheese, and then the same amount of marmalade as on the first time. As a result of the experiment, the blood sugar level practically did not change, only a slight increase was observed, therefore, there was no feeling of hunger for a long time after a sweet snack.


After the experiment, doctors came to the conclusion that some nutrients can change the properties of others. Protein influences the action of carbohydrates. Therefore, if you dream of a portion of pasta, pizza or cake, then eat a portion of protein beforehand: cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt without additives, tofu will do. This way you can avoid insulin spikes, subsequent hunger pangs, and it will be easier to stick to the diet after a slight deviation from the course.