Immunity: Celery Juice That Supermodels Drink To Avoid Getting Sick

Naomi and world researchers will not advise bad

Taking care of the immune system for a while replaced all other positions in the lists of celebrity beauty tricks: from cellulite to aging. All the talk is only about how to help the body become stronger against the background of the raging coronavirus.

On her Instagram, supermodel Naomi Campbell, who seems to have taken the pandemic most seriously of all her colleagues, shared a life hack – she often follows the advice of Anthony William, better known as @medicalmedium, New York Times bestselling author . The main instruction of the doctor-star is to drink fresh celery juice more often. At one time, he even dedicated a whole book to him.

And although the advice of any insta doctors for the most part should be treated with caution and skepticism, the properties of celery juice are backed up by a number of serious scientific studies. For example, first of all, a green drink improves the intestinal microbiota (removes harmful mucus), and a direct consequence of this process is the strengthening of immunity. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant. And, most importantly in our difficult time, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

But! Not all celery juice is created equal. For all of the above to work, it is important to drink it correctly.

Rule One: To get the full benefit of the healing benefits, it is important to drink fresh celery juice on an empty stomach.
Rule two: ABSOLUTELY nothing can be added to such a drink. Otherwise, it reduces or completely cancels all of its phenomenal benefits for immunity. No lemon juice, no apple cider vinegar, no other green ingredients, carrots, water or ice should be in it. You are killing its healing qualities, not enhancing it.