13 Unexpected Foods For a Good Sleep

What to eat to easily fall asleep


Walnuts are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that contributes to the production of serotonin and melatonin levels necessary for healthy sleep (these hormones are responsible for our biological clock and sense of time). It is these two substances that help normalize circadian rhythms, fall asleep quickly and sound sleep.


Almonds are rich in magnesium – and research has shown that low levels of this compound make it difficult to fall asleep quickly. A handful of nuts before bed can help solve this problem quickly!


We have known since childhood that a glass of warm milk at night (better with cookies – but we’ll talk about this in more detail below) guarantees a sound and healthy sleep throughout the night. In fact, all dairy products have this magical property: the calcium contained in them helps the amino acid tryptophan to be absorbed and to produce melatonin. In addition, calcium also helps to normalize muscle activity and relieve night cramps.


The good news for dieters is that one of the most popular ingredients in light salads, lettuce, is an invaluable aid in the fight against insomnia. It’s all about the rich content of lactucarium – a substance that resembles a sedative in action. By the way, lettuce, by the way, can not only be eaten, but also brewed: to prepare “salad” tea, you need to pour hot water over four large leaves and leave for 15 minutes. And in order to make the drink more pleasant to the taste, you can add a little mint to it.


Salted pretzels and crackers have a high glycemic index – that is, they cause a quick burst of energy, which is just as rapidly replaced by drowsiness. So if you are struggling with insomnia, you have a good reason to crunch something forbidden at night while looking. The main thing is not to make it a habit!


Fish, especially tuna and salmon, are extremely rich in vitamin B6, which takes an active part in the production of melatonin and serotonin. By the way, among other products where you can get this vitamin are garlic (extremely fresh) and pistachios.


As with crackers, rice is notable for its glycemic index. But the jasmine variety is more effective than others in helping to quickly and soundly fall asleep, as evidenced by the results of research published in the specialized edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


According to recent research from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Rochester, a glass of cherry juice before bed can help you find yourself in a dreamland faster. The fact is that cherries increase the level of melatonin in the body.


Flakes are considered to be a great breakfast dish, but it turns out that they are just as useful as a dinner. They contain two components at once that help to quickly and soundly fall asleep: carbohydrates (in the flakes themselves) and calcium (in the milk with which they are usually eaten).


Chamomile tea is the first recommended remedy for insomnia. And for good reason: one cup of the aromatic broth raises the level of glycine, which, in turn, gently soothes the nerves and relieves muscle tension.


The natural sugar found in honey raises insulin levels and allows tryptophan to interact faster with the brain. A teaspoon of honey and chamomile tea before bed will enhance the soothing effect of the drink.


Another invaluable source of tryptophan is shrimp and lobster, as strange as it sounds. A good reason to indulge yourself with seafood delicacies at night looking.


The record holder for tryptophan content in meat is venison. This game contains twice as much valuable substance than turkey. You will start yawning right after dinner!