Sleep: Why do Loved Ones Show up in our Dreams

The expert tells how to interpret the phenomena of friends in dreams

Once, a couple of weeks ago, I dreamed of a colleague with whom we worked together a hundred years ago. Well, okay, not a hundred, 15. At the same time, we almost did not communicate. Of course, whoever dreams on an unbearably stuffy July night, but still, why? And why, when I sat down to write this text, it was he who first came to mind? I would like to understand what is the reason and what to do with them in general – with these seemingly random or not so random people who arise in dreams?

Seeing a loved one or a relative in a dream does not contradict logic – one way or another, these people spend a lot of time with us. However, in the case of dreams, what may seem obvious takes on rather unexpected interpretations. What can also be said about the appearance and behavior of loved ones who appeared in a dream.

Dream analyst advises looking at dreams of loved ones from the following perspective: “It is important to remember that the characters in your dreams are actually part of you. The dreaming mind, or rather, the subconscious, demonstrates the features of your personality in the form of a specific person – this is the allegorical form of a message about a problem, situation, or simply about the need for one of your traits to be realized. “

Why is mom in a dream?

A fact from the observations of scientists-somnologists: we dream of a mother much more often than a father. On average, we see a mother or the so-called mother figure in a dream about once a week, although we do not always remember this.

“If you are also a mother and you dreamed of your own, the dream reflects the current situation in your motherhood,” the expert explains. – To figure out what the closest person is dreaming of and what exactly the subconscious has in mind, remember how your parent looked  in a dream. Did she help you? Laughing? Swearing? Grieved? Did you hurt? Think of these dreams as prompts to change something in your relationship with your children or to give yourself some rest. With this dream, the subconscious mind embodies the traits of your personality into a maternal image – and this is the part that takes care of yourself and those around you. Seeing your mom in a dream may also mean that it’s time for you to pay attention to your current relationship with your parents. “

Why is my ex in my dream?

“A variant of dreams about exes, breaking records in popularity, is a dream about first love,” the expert said. “What can happen in 50 years since you were together.” The dream about the hero of the previous novel symbolizes the feelings that we then experienced: all these butterflies in the stomach, passion, excitement, an unrestrained desire to be together. Such dreams are not uncommon when the current relationship becomes routine and monotonous, and the subconscious mind reminds that it is time to revive them, reviving forgotten emotions. In addition, the dreamed ex may hint that you sat alone and it would be nice to change the situation. 

What does it mean if you saw a colleague in a dream?

If you dreamed of a colleague with whom you deal every day, then most likely he portrays himself and everything that happens in a dream, broadcasts your feelings about what is happening between you in real life.

When thinking about what a colleague with whom you rarely communicate is dreaming, remember that the approach proposed by the expert is appropriate here too – the person seen in a dream embodies a part of your personality. “Ask yourself: what attracts you to this employee,” the somnologist continues. – What is outstanding about him / her that distinguishes him / her from the team? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this colleague? Apply this quality to yourself. Think, would it be worth you to adopt these traits for work or life in general? “

How to interpret a dream about a loved one

Perhaps the most common dream about loved ones is when you dream that you have lost each other (in a crowd, in another city, on a trip) and cannot find him / her. This could mean that you are bored because you are temporarily apart, or that you are not spending enough time together because you spend days at work. Or that you’re looking for a way to bond, it’s no secret that couples can live together, losing contact, just out of habit.

If you dreamed that your partner cheated on you, this indicates the fact that there is a certain distrust and understatement in your relationship. Such a dream does not necessarily notify you about going to the left, but rather means that there is a “third” in the relationship – a circumstance that makes you feel deceived, deprived of the attention of your beloved. It can be anything / anyone: work, a newborn baby whose care you are absorbed around the clock, his excessive communication with his mother, etc.

outings with friends for football, etc.

“If you happen to dream that your loved one is dying, please don’t take it literally,” the expert says. – Dreams are symbolic. In dreams, death is usually something ending or changing. Maybe a big change is coming in your relationship? Are you reaching a new level – decided to get engaged, get married, move in together? Or does your loved one somehow change in a personal sense? Have you lost weight, changed your hairstyle, got a raise? Do not rush to get upset when you see a dream about the death of a loved one, but interpret it as a notification about the transformation of personality or the dynamics of events. “

How to interpret dreams about celebrities?

“One of the most popular celebrity dreams is when you dream that you are friends and hanging out together. It can be a star you really like, or an unexpectedly strange character, it is not clear how it entered your dream. Again, remember that a celebrity embodies some part of your personality that you – perhaps without realizing it – thinks worthy of recognition and even applause.

The expert advises: “Ask yourself, what is this particular celebrity best known for? What is their best song about? Is there something in the title or text that is relevant to your life? Or, if a celebrity is an actor, what movie / TV series brought him fame? Does the role or plot of the picture have anything to do with your life? This approach seems naively simple, but, nevertheless, dreams are an effective tool of the subconscious mind in attempts to convey important information to make life easier or tune in to the necessary vibrations. “