Why A Sense Of Humor Accompanies Good Sex

Do you like to laugh? Love and laugh!

It is a well-known thing that in search of love we hope to come across a candidate with an adequate b/w. So that he can make fun and not strain much when he is mocked. It turns out that in this matter we are also guided by the main instinct – scientists have found out that people with a sense of humor are more temperamental and more creative in sex than those who do not understand jokes.

Special fervor is attributed to those who do not know shyness and other problems about the perception of others. More specifically, for those who are ready to put themselves in the fun of others.

The conclusions of German psychologists published in the Journal of Personality Studies confirm that people who remain equal when they are teased or laughed, tend to be happy in their personal lives and are successful (and therefore satisfied) sexually. Aerobatics are demonstrated by those who are always ready to make fun of themselves – they are also capable of something in bed that others did not dream of. What, as scientists emphasize, is especially true for women: the weaker sex is able to take fire not only on the Comedy Woman show.

There are funny terms in the description of the study that are worth reading. Three groups of participants were recruited to participate in the project: helotophobes (those who are irritated, oppressed and even frightened by other people’s ridicule – such as it turned out, about 10% of the population), helotophiles (those who like to be laughed at, and run into it themselves, practicing stand and catagelastics (people who like to laugh at others, even if they understand that it can damage careers or relationships, more often because of vengeful nature, wanting to defend themselves or fight back so that they are not ridiculed).

If you are concerned about what situations allow you to sort people into such crazy categories, I am pleased to inform you that the participants had only a chance to pass a brief written test in which they were asked to choose “yes” or “no” in response to some statements. For example: “When others laugh in my presence, I become suspicious – what if it’s about me,” “I like it when others laugh at me” or “I like to make fun of others, and I’m glad when they laugh at.”

Why a sense of humor accompanies good sex (photo 6)

The optimistic verdict of the researchers is that everyone is attracted to partners who are similar in a sense of humor and manner of ridicule, no matter how idiotic they are. Nevertheless, gelotophilic women – those who like to laugh at themselves and provoke others to do so – lead by a wide margin in terms of success in men, emancipation in sex and sexual satisfaction. They are capable of the hottest manifestations of passion. On the other hand, malecatagelastics (beech with bloated conceit, who like to laugh at others), proved to be the most indiscreet and passive in sex.

In general, if you thought that it was not yet time to post on Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia) those stupid selfies for which you would definitely be laughed at, it’s time to change your point of view. Purely for practical reasons.