The Parasite: How to Expose a Gigolo

Love is evil, you can fall in love with … gigolo. And not only wealthy young ladies can become victims of such men. A modest salary and a low social level of a woman will not protect her from meeting a gigolo: he will always find something to profit from. In addition, male gigolos are no longer a rarity, but a whole epidemic! If earlier, hearing the word “gigolo”, our imagination drew a sugary, stylish macho, today the situation is much more prosaic.

The most common type of gigolos is household. These men are not aiming to rob a woman to a penny, it is enough for them to live in an apartment, feed on the woman and not work.

Most often these are men who lost their jobs, then looked for a new one for some time, but in the end decided that they could well do without it.

Gigalo the slacker will easily find reasons not to work: poor health, an unclaimed profession, a refined poetic and artistic nature, etc. If you throw a scandal about his idleness, he will start studying ads, imitating a stormy job search. But, even having settled down, he will quickly find a plausible excuse to quit, and again sit on a woman’s neck.

In such an alliance, a woman works hard at several jobs, runs a household, brings up children, and her husband sits on the couch or playing computer games all day and drinks beer with friends.

Well, now let’s not talk about mediocre parasites-husbands, but about the gigolo who made it their craft.

How to determine if a man is a gigolo? What should you pay attention to?

Attractive appearance

Pretty young men often become gigolos. This does not mean, of course, that all handsome men are hunting exclusively for your money, just with a pretty face it is easier to do it. Well, brutal too.

Almost all male gigolos have good taste, take care of their appearance, visit beauticians and the gym, sunbathe in a solarium, etc.


Oh, these men will be very courteous, they will definitely give a hand, say compliments and do everything that women often lack so much in modern men.

Asks in detail about your life, weeps at his fate

Not immediately, but very soon he will try to unobtrusively find out everything about you (about your place of residence, work, income). He will also tell about himself, tearfully and “sincerely.” And his story is likely to be heart-breaking. This can be a story about how he was looking for his calling for a long time, or about how he was unfairly fired or robbed, forced to pay off a loan.

At first he pays, then “forgets” the wallet

Most often, gigolos on your first trip to a restaurant or cafe will treat you well and pay the bill themselves. But very soon all sorts of excuses will appear (forgot your wallet, did not receive a salary, etc.), and you will have to pay. Watch out!

Many words of love

Women love with their ears, gigolos know this very well and skilfully use it. These men talk a lot to their “victim” about love. And they do it very “sincerely” and beautifully. Confessions will be touching, supported by gentle touches and loud words. Well, just princes from a fairy tale!

All care is only in words

Gigolos are generous in words, but not in gifts and real help. All his actions are just an entourage. They are small, the gigolo is not capable of something really worthwhile and deserving respect, and he does not need it.

Doesn’t introduce relatives and friends

Such guys will not introduce their “beloved” to anyone from their environment. They will come up with a reason, be sure! In addition, they will try to evade acquaintances with her relatives and friends (otherwise suddenly those who suspect and open the eyes of the victim in love).

Will borrow

Gigolo very often (of course, embarrassed, with a thousand apologies) asks you for a loan. The amounts are usually small. Naturally, you consider taking money back from him low and unworthy for yourself. Or he successfully forgets about his debts, and you do not consider it right to remind about them.

Freya Essex, the  psychologist:

– Feel that something was wrong – check your partner. For example, say you got fired. Under no circumstances should you pay in a cafe or lend to him. If it comes to a wedding, declare that you intend to conclude a prenuptial agreement and are not going to register it in your apartment. This will surely upset and discourage the gigolo. There is another way: ask him to solve your problem (you can think of something). He won’t do it. If this is really a gigolo, he will immediately start looking for another victim. And you are not sad because of the breakup, but, on the contrary, breathe a sigh of relief!