What Shoes You Should Give Up After 40

If you are forty years old, this means that it is time to carefully monitor your wardrobe, avoiding the presence of age elements in it. How do you recognize them? We propose to consider the main signs of things that age, using the example of shoes. Since we tend to invest more money in this wardrobe group, seeing the fashion constraints associated with it is important strategically. Why pay for something that spoils the impression of us?

Archaic models. It is important to ensure that your wardrobe does not have the shoes in which you managed to win the hearts of men twenty years ago. Of course, fashion moves in circles, but even recurring trends in the new season will always look a little different. For example, wedge shoes today are espadrilles with straps around the ankle. They are the ones to replace the 70s-style cork platform models.

This shoe category also includes stiletto heels with a platform under the toe. We wore these in the early 2000s. Find them in the attic and dispose of them immediately.

As an alternative to not very modern models like ballet flats or moccasins, which also very easily lose their appearance, it is worth considering leather sneakers or sneakers.

“Convenient” models. It is clear that with age, we begin to value comfort more, but this can be done without damaging the fashionable reputation. First, it’s important to discard any openly outdated options right away. Old shoes don’t say anything good about you at any age. If the age is decent, and at the same time life experience was also deposited in the form of kilograms, trampled moccasins or ballet shoes will add the feeling that it was the burden of responsibility for all this that crushed them. In the case when this effect is superimposed on an archaic species, an increase in age is guaranteed.

“Convenient” and “pretty” models. The worst fashionable sin after 40 years is the desire to combine convenience and beauty, relying on those ideas about it that are outdated many years ago. In the late 90s, leopard ballet flats may have been all the rage, but now they belong in the dustbin of history. In the early 2000s, it was impossible to imagine true beauty without rhinestones, but today these ideas have sunk into oblivion. This statement does not mean at all that you need to completely abandon the decor on the shoes.

If you like to shock with the help of bright things, this can be done at any age, it is just better to spy on the style from those fashionistas who did not light up at discos listing Ace of Base.

Main principles:

It is important to choose modern footwear. You don’t need to chase momentary trends, but keep the general approach within the time frame.

Shoes must be of high quality and new. It is better to send older models to a well-deserved rest.

Don’t forget that comfortable shoes can be fashionable.