4 Steps To Meet Your Perfect Figure

4 recipes of smoothies and cocktails to maintain weight. Healthy shakes you can at home are the key to a successful fitness story.

Homemade slimming cocktails are in no way inferior to factory cocktails, moreover, many believe that cocktails made at home are more useful due to the naturalness of their components. Today we will try to understand the recipes for homemade slimming cocktails, having received among all slimming cocktails the most flattering reviews from people who have managed to lose weight.

First, homemade slimming shakes contain healthy fresh berries, fruits or vegetables that provide more vitamins and nutrients, which means more strength and energy, and are deprived of ready-made shakes for a long time. Secondly, homemade slimming cocktails contain a large amount of fiber, which contributes to rapid, and most importantly, long-term weight loss and saturation of the body. Third, homemade cocktails are sugar-free, except they contain fruit. And finally, homemade slimming cocktails are always fresh, which means they are really beneficial for health and weight loss.

1. Celery smoothie

Celery is one of the few foods that have a negative calorie content. That is, your body burns more energy to digest it than celery itself contains calories. Therefore, such a cocktail will not only improve digestion, but also help you lose weight.

A small bunch of celery

Low fat yogurt – 50 gr.

Lime – 1 pc.

2. Smoothie with cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon is a well-known weight loss aid. It is this spice that speeds up the metabolism and stabilizes the production of insulin, so do not forget about this when you are on a diet. Make a healthy weight loss shake with this cinnamon-based recipe:

3. Vegetable cocktail with ginger

This is a very low calorie homemade slimming cocktail that boosts metabolism and helps cleanse your body easily. For a ginger vegetable shake you will need 1 fresh cucumber, 100 grams of green peas, fresh or thawed, 2-3 broccoli florets and a few strips of ginger (you can use 1 teapot hammer). Mix all the ingredients in a blender, if the cocktail is too thick, add kefir or yogurt.

4. Cocktail “Cucumber”

Cucumber is mostly water, so it’s perfect for making a delicious slimming shake. For one serving you will need one medium-sized cucumber, 100 g mineral water or kefir, half a clove of garlic. To create a slimming cocktail, peel a cucumber, three garlic in a greater, put everything in a blender, pour water (kefir) and beat for 10-15 seconds. You can use this shake as a separate dish, that is, build a diet on it, replace them with meals and consume them every two hours, or half an hour before meals if you just want to improve your metabolism.