No More Straw Like Hair and no More Oily Strands: 6 Ways to Keep Styling in the Heat

Hot weather is sometimes quite unbearable. Including for our hair. They become naughty, capricious, do not want to “keep” the styling, quickly get dirty. How to cope with their temper in such a period – read in our material.

The last weeks of August are the height of the seaside holidays. But few people know what actually happens to hair in the sun. Under the influence of UV rays, the strands are destroyed – all because the summer sun and the hot sea destroy the fat layer of the bulb. The scales covering the hair gradually flake off, the keratin is washed out, as a result of which the hair becomes brittle, dull and lifeless. They lose their shine and elasticity, and are difficult to comb.

We turned to a professional stylist for advice, and he told in detail how to help your hair survive the heat.

In the summer (it doesn’t matter if you are at sea or in the city), be sure to use sunscreen for your hair. City dust, stuffiness also has a detrimental effect on your hair, so do not forget to provide them with food. Drink as much water as possible (usually advise at least 1.5 liters per day), eat fruits with a high content of vitamins A, B, C E, F. Do not forget to do hair masks at least twice a week.

Hair products that you use in summer should contain intense moisturizers. For example, jojoba oil or olive oil, various herbs that retain moisture, nourish hair with beneficial substances, give it elasticity and healthy beauty. By the way, if after shampooing you want to get a feeling of coolness and freshness, use shampoos containing menthol or camphor – they have a pleasant tonic effect.

When using stylers for “hot” styling, remember that after going outside, your hair is also affected by the sun. So do not injure your hair every day with a hairdryer, irons and curling irons. Whenever possible, choose appliances that allow you to regulate the temperature, and also have a built-in ionization function that will avoid the accumulation of static electricity on your hair. Give your hair a break from heat styling at least twice a week.

In hot weather, as you know firsthand, styling your hair is more difficult than at medium temperatures. To give your hair volume and splendor, use foam, cream, gel or mousse for styling, and also remember that without fixing, even the most careful styling can quickly lose its appearance. Hairsprays will help you to prevent this. However, do not use sprays that contain alcohol, as they dry out the hair excessively at high temperatures. If you have wavy or curly hair, apply some mousse or styling gel to damp hair, let it dry in gentle waves and look like you just got back from the beach.

Initially, try to make your styling practical. Such that, under the influence of the heat, it simply could not deteriorate. Hair slicked back in a ponytail or bun is the simplest summer solution. But simple doesn’t mean banal. Try experimenting. This can be an asymmetrical hairstyle, a very low side parting or a zigzag parting, interesting accessories, and much more. Such hairstyles allow you not to overload your hair with styling products.

In the summer, the hair becomes dirty more often. To cope with this problem, look again at the composition of hair care products. It should contain the following components: panthenol, silk proteins, keratin, jojoba oil, chamomile extract. Water for washing hair should not be hot, as it is it that “provokes” the scalp and leads to increased work of the fatty glands in it. Perform useful procedures at home – rinse your hair with herbal decoctions. After rinsing your hair, massage your head so that the beneficial substances are absorbed deeper into the skin.