State of Mind: 16 Problems That Only a Real Blonde Can Understand

A blonde with thin marble skin, which comes in 2 possible shades: white and red … If you are one of them and now you smiled knowingly, then you can safely refer to yourself the following 16 points.

1. I spend a lot of money on sunscreen

If you add up all my SPF purchases, you get the budget of a small country.

2. I go to the beach dressed

Long dress with sleeves. Broad-brim. Sunglasses. When I go out into the sun on a fine day, I look like a parishioner meeting for Sunday service at church.

3. I am covered with freckles. All, Karl!

Who Said Freckles Are Cute? Sometimes and for some it is just awful! Every summer day there are more of them, and sometimes I look like I haven’t washed my face for a year. And by the end of the season, I will turn into one huge freckle. Charming.

4. I do not tan

I’m burning. You don’t have to watch Game of Thrones to find out what a burnt person looks like. Just call me to the beach. And when the crimson hell is over … I again resemble a pale spirochete. Haha.

5. I’m peeling

My friends, even after sitting in the sun until the skin turns red, the next morning they forget that something went wrong. And I, like a snake, change my skin for a long time and painfully.

6. I have 10 hats

And none of them suits me, because I generally hate hats. Under them the head sweats, any styling is crumpled and nothing is visible from under the fields. But I am doomed to wear them. All summer.

7. I am terrified of skin cancer

And I fall into hysterics at the sight of a huge mole that just jumped up … Ah, this is a new freckle. But still!

8. They say to me: you have aristocratic pallor!

I know I remind Casper, thanks.

9. I can’t even use a self-tanner!

Because on my skin, it takes on either orange or purple tint.

10. Friends will leave for a picnic again without me

No, I’m not a bore and I like to go boating on the lake and playing beach volleyball. But why not choose a cloudy day for this?

Ever wanted to be blonde?