5 Home Treatments to Get Rid of Nose Hair

You don’t even need to go to the beauty specialist! You can get rid of nose hair in 5 minutes, the secret is in simple scissors.

No matter how much the woman asks the specialist how to remove the hair in the nose, all the same, the process will have to be comprehended by herself – by trial and error. And first you need to come to terms with the fact that nose hair is natural. They grow there because of the male hormones – estrogens and they do it with a noble purpose – to protect the body from external factors and irritants. Therefore, before removing hair in the nose and ears, you need to think about whether it is possible to remove them. And if so, how to do it correctly.

Women were a little more fortunate than men. Usually, their hairs are lighter and softer thanks to the same hormones. However, depilation is the same for both women and men. Hair is removed with wax, trimmer, laser. There are many ways to do this. There are safe and painless methods that are available at the salon and at home.

3 main reasons why nose hair grows in women and men

  • They protect the body from viruses and disease-causing bacteria;
  • They moisturize the nasal mucosa and protect it from hypothermia in winter;
  • Thanks to them, the air is filtered from fine dust, which means that we are protected from allergies.

Simple answer: is it possible to remove nose hair?

Scientists and ENT doctors advise against removing hair in the nose and ears completely. It is better to remove only excess, protruding hairs. They can be safely shortened with special rounded scissors or a mechanical trimmer, but they cannot be pulled out and aggressively cut at the root. To prevent infections, irritation and dryness, the natural balance of mucus and the functionality of the nasal hair should be maintained for as long as possible.

5 ways to painlessly get rid of nose hair at home

Getting rid of nose hair at home can be quick and painless. The tools needed for this procedure are easily found in stores at an affordable price. Using small scissors, wax, depilatory cream, trimmer and tweezers, you can perform a quality procedure yourself. The main thing is to observe precautions and follow the advice of specialists regarding all procedures. There are 5 main ways in total.

Getting rid of nose hair with small scissors

What you need:

Small scissors with rounded ends

Chlorhexidine solution or alcohol for instrument treatment

How to do:

Disinfect the scissors.

Trim the protruding hairs carefully, without touching the mucous membrane. Do not stick the scissors very deeply, try to limit yourself to removing only the visible part of the hairs.


The procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes

The method can be used anywhere and anytime

Safe and painless

You can carry out the procedure yourself, for free and save on the salon


Short term effect

Removing nose hair with wax

What you need:


Applicator, strips or cotton swabs

0.05% chlorhexidine solution

Soothing after depilation

How to do:

Depending on the wax chosen, the hair removal algorithm may vary, so be sure to read the instructions for using the purchased product.

Heat or melt the wax to 37-40 degrees Celsius.

Apply wax to a stick and work through one nostril, then by analogy with the other. If the wax kit includes special strips, then you can use them instead of sticks.

Gently spread the wax along the inner edge of the nostril in a circular motion, wait a few minutes for the wax to cool and capture unwanted hairs. Pinch the nostril with a stick with one hand, and with the other hand pull the end sharply and pull out the sticky head.

Repeat the procedure on the other nostril.

Treat the nostrils with 0.05% chlorhexidine solution, and then with a soothing cream, or with a special product after depilation.


The effect can last up to 30 days

The procedure can be performed anywhere and anytime

Low cost of materials compared to salon procedures

Does not cause allergic reactions


Soreness of the method

Irritation and inflammation possible

If you do not follow the instructions, you can get burned when applying hot wax to your face.

Hair removal in the nose with a special cream

What you need:

Depilatory cream that is suitable for the face

Moisturizing cream

How to do:

Be sure to read the instructions, different manufacturers may give different recommendations for using the product.

Apply the cream to the inner edge of the nostril.

Wait a few minutes for the cream to act according to the instructions.

Remove the cream using the supplied spatula.

Rinse your nose with clean water and lubricate with moisturizer.


The procedure takes no more than 5-10 minutes

Creams often contain ingredients that prevent skin irritation and redness

Fast and long lasting effect up to 10 days

Affordable price compared to salon treatments



Hold your breath during the procedure

Allergic reactions are possible, since almost all creams contain fragrances

Ingrown hairs may appear

The cream has a strong effect on the nail plate, so all manipulations must be carried out with gloves

The cream can whiten tanned skin, this should be considered when applied to the face

The cream can burn the mucous membrane

Nose hair removal with a trimmer

What you need:


0.05% chlorhexidine solution

How to do:

Disinfect the special trimmer tip before direct use.

Treat first one nostril and then the other. It is not necessary to stick the trimmer deeply so that there is no injury.

After all hairs have been cut off, treat the device and the wings of the nose with a disinfectant solution.


A painless and safe method

The procedure takes no more than 5 minutes

Ease of use


Short term effect

The high cost of the device. In cheap options, the blades are quickly grinded, and they make a lot of noise when working.

The easy way to remove nose hair with tweezers

It is undesirable to remove hair in the nose with tweezers, since the procedure is very painful and injures the mucous membrane, leaving wounds from each plucked hair. Damaged blood vessels begin to bleed, you can get an infection.

What you need:


0.05% chlorhexidine solution

How to do:

Grab the unwanted hair and pull it out of the nose.

Be sure to treat your nostrils with a disinfectant.


The duration of the procedure is about 5 minutes


A highly traumatic and dangerous method of removing hair from the nose.

The effect lasts 1-2 weeks

4 salon treatments to permanently remove nose and ear hair

Laser hair removal – QOOL hair removal

QOOL hair removal is also called “cold technique”. This is a type of laser hair removal, which is painless due to the fact that the skin does not heat up during the procedure. The laser beam is directed directly to the hair follicle without touching the skin. The method is effective for all skin phototypes.

How they do:

There are no preliminary procedures.

The cosmetologist puts the patient on the couch and immediately carries out the procedure using a special attachment. No gels and anesthetic creams are applied during the procedure.


Allows you to get rid of even gray hair, which is almost impossible with conventional laser hair removal

After cool hair removal, depigmented and hyperpigmented zones are not formed, there are no scars, burns and ingrown hairs

Long-term effect of the procedure, it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair forever

Painlessness and safety of the method


High cost of the procedure

The visible effect appears after 5 treatments

Complete loss of the nasal cilia, which protect the respiratory organs, is unsafe and not recommended by doctors


Facial hair removal has proven to be effective and has many benefits. Thanks to the electric current, the follicles are completely destroyed and hair growth stops. The procedure is effective for removing hair of any color and structure.

How they do:

As a preparation for the procedure, it is recommended not to visit saunas, swimming pools, baths and not to sunbathe on the beach for two weeks.

An electrolysis session begins with an antiseptic or lotion treatment of the skin. Local anesthesia is then given.

During the manipulation, the patient lies on a couch and holds a neutral electrode in his hand.

The doctor smoothly inserts the needle into the hair follicle, after an electrical impulse is applied, the hair follicle dies. Then the treated hair is removed with tweezers.

At the end of the procedure, the skin is again disinfected and a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory agent is applied.


Hair is removed for several years

The method is well studied, safe and effective.

The cost of the procedure is relatively inexpensive compared to laser hair removal.


Very slow nose hair removal – about 30 hairs are removed per hour

To remove all hair in one area, you will need at least 3-4 full courses

After epilation, a large number of restrictive rules and safety measures must be followed

There are health contraindications that prohibit this type of hair removal

Enzyme hair removal

How they do:

First, epilation is done in any convenient way for the specialist to pull out the bulbs.

An enzyme solution (chymotrypsin and trypsin) is applied to the skin, which fills the resulting grooves and completely destroys the remnants of the hair follicles. Thus, thin, small bulbs stop developing completely, and stronger ones slow down their growth.


This type of hair removal is long lasting and safe

Fine hairs almost stop growing

The procedure is painless


Some experts do not recommend this procedure to remove nose hair, as the active ingredient in the serum can damage sensitive skin and cause burns.

The procedure is repeated once a month for at least 6 months.

There are contraindications for health


Sugaring (sugaring, from the English sugar – sugar) – removal of unwanted hair using sugar paste. It is applied to the skin and ripped off along with unwanted vegetation. The sugar composition allows you to remove hair along with the root.

How they do:

Before applying the paste, the nostrils are treated with an antiseptic, powdered with talcum powder or powder.

The prepared sticks are dipped into the sugar mass and not deeply inserted into the nostrils. After 2 – 3 minutes, the sticks are removed with a sharp movement, pinching the nostrils.

After the procedure, the mucous membrane is treated with an aqueous solution of chlorhexidine and lubricated with dexpanthenol cream.


An effective, safe and affordable method of combating unwanted hair.

Low invasiveness

Low likelihood of developing allergic reactions

The effect lasts about 3 weeks

Regular sessions reduce the number, stiffness of hairs, making them more pliable

Suitable for sensitive skin


The presence of a requirement for hair length, which must be at least 4 mm

Presence of a slight pain effect

Irritation, inflammatory reactions and bacterial infections are possible if the rules of procedure and hygiene are neglected

3 tricks to cut your nose hair

Cutting your nose hair correctly means doing it safely and painlessly. Therefore, it is important to adhere to some rules:

Be sure to disinfect your tools, hands, and nose before you start cutting your hair yourself.

Do not remove hair during a runny nose, allergic reactions, sneezing or other nasopharyngeal ailments. You can make the disease worse by altering the natural balance of mucus in your nose.

Never cut hairs to the root and avoid deep penetration into the nasal passages. It is safe to trim only hair that is sticking out and does not compromise the aesthetics of the face.

It turns out that even popular and simple methods of dealing with nose hair can have disadvantages and hidden dangers. Allergies, irritation, pain – all these are not the most pleasant consequences of depilation. But they may not exist. If you learn how to use a trimmer or wax strips at home, as well as go to a good specialist for electrolysis, then the hairs in the nose will stop bothering you for a long time. It is important to remember that vegetation on the body is natural. 95% of the human body is covered with hairs – they are not only on the palms and feet. Therefore, you should not cut your nose hair at the root. It is only important to slightly correct the image, but not to harm yourself.