How to Create The Perfect Eyebrow Shape at Home

The self-isolation mode taught us to do without the help of beauty professionals, tidy ourselves up on our own, master the skills of makeup artists, nail masters and hair stylists. Even now, when beauty salons are operating normally, many girls, out of habit, prefer to stay at home and do their looks on their own. How about trying to make an eyebrow correction without an eyebrow, so that later you would not be ashamed to tell your friends about your experience? We are in favor, especially since if you strictly follow the advice of the our stylist, then everything should turn out as it should.


First comb through your eyebrows thoroughly, brushing the brush slightly upward. So you can evenly style the hairs along the length, see the “knockout”, which will need to be trimmed.


After combing your brows, find the hairs that protrude beyond your natural brow shape. Trim them neatly with the special brow scissors. Andrea recommends using Tweezerman brand tools.

If you use tweezers, I recommend working in natural light, looking into ordinary mirrors, without magnifying the effect. This will help you evaluate your styling objectively. Be careful: only pluck the hairs that are outside your natural brow line, do not overdo it. It is better not to touch small, “vellus” hairs, they do not interfere with the eyebrow line, but, on the contrary, give them softness and volume.


According to the expert, in order to properly highlight the eyebrows, you need to determine the “beginning” and “end” of the brow arch. To do this, take an eyebrow pencil and hold it vertically, guiding it from the middle of the nostril to the inner corner of the eye. Begin to paint over eyebrows from where the hairs begin to grow, this is your first point. The second can be found by repeating the same action using the distance from the outer corner of the eye to the tips of the eyebrows.


Next, you can start filling in the eyebrows with a pencil. The expert advises using automatic pencils with the thinnest possible lead, so that the “shading” looks as natural as possible. It’s best to choose a pencil shade one shade lighter than your hair color. For example, if you are blonde, then take the gray-brown lead.

 I start to paint over the eyebrows from the base, moving towards the ends.


Gently blend large strokes and pencil errors with a brush or paintbrush.


You can use a liquid eyebrow liner / liner to make your eyebrows more effective. With their help, you can draw even finer strokes than with a pencil


Set hairs in place with clear brow gel to keep styling in place throughout the day.