How to Flatten Your Belly: 7 Tips

Be patient and consistent

A balanced diet and sports are two key elements that can help you get a beautiful body, in particular a flat stomach. Is it worth talking about the dangers of fast food and sugar-containing foods? We decided to collect seven simple, but very useful tips that, with an integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle, will speed up the process of losing weight, make your waist thinner and your stomach smaller.


“One of the most effective exercises that engages all muscle groups and works those very ‘cubes’ is the classic twisting. During this exercise, the following muscles are included: pectoralis major, rectus, external and internal, as well as transverse abdominal muscles, ”says an expert.

Technique of execution: take a lying position, bend your knees, put your feet straight. Clasp your hands in the lock behind your head, and raise the top of the body to such a height that at the same time you break off the shoulder blades from the floor and touch your knees with your elbows. The number of repetitions at the initial stage is 15-20 times. Be sure to watch your breathing: it should be even, not staggering. It is important not to hunch your back or lift your feet off the floor.

“The second effective exercise for working out the lower abdomen, lower press (rectus femoris, quadriceps, adductors) is the exercise” bike “.”

Technique of execution: take a lying position, stretch your arms along the body and press them to the floor. Raise your straight legs above the floor, making cross movements: the lower your legs to the floor, the greater the load on the press. At the initial stage, you should not overload yourself, it is much more important to adapt the body to the new fitness routine. Do not forget that the lower back should not come off the floor, and the legs should be straight.


Avocados, nuts, and fish are sources of healthy fats that are necessary for the harmonious work of the body. Try to include these foods in your daily diet, and eat them more often. In addition to the fact that these products contain many beneficial fatty acids, they are also rich in fiber, which cleanses the body of toxins and toxins.


Just one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per day, according to experts, can significantly lower the level of acidity in the stomach and, as a result, reduce bloating.


Each has its own daily allowance, but on average it is about 1.5-2 liters per day. Water participates in all metabolic processes of the body, speeding up metabolism. For those who find it difficult to constantly drink only water, you can diversify the diet with drainage drinks: green, herbal teas with lemon, ginger and honey. They perfectly quench thirst, reduce appetite, remove toxins from the body, and soothe.


It is best to limit the amount of salt in the diet, instead add various spices to your food. With their help, you can revive the work of receptors, and diversify food. A pinch of pepper or turmeric, according to experts, can increase body temperature, activate metabolic processes, and fat burning.


Intensive abdominal massage tidies up the skin, accelerates blood flow and accelerates the lymph, which, in turn, triggers the process of fat burning, improves digestion and metabolism, and also strengthens the abdominal muscles. There are many massage techniques, but you can start with the usual basic movements – patting and stroking in the problem area. It is best to massage the abdomen using various massage oils: with them it is more convenient to work out the skin, inhale a pleasant aroma, and relax.


Stress slows down digestion, depresses the body, and causes bloating. Tension and irritation can build up in the abdomen, as well as in the brain. To avoid these troubles and get a beautiful flat stomach, put your thoughts in order, find your inner balance: do yoga, start meditating. The result will not be long in coming.