Foods to Help You Cope with Stress

Natural “antidepressants”

In the modern world, people are constantly faced with stress – a frantic pace of life, excessive demands on themselves, a large information flow, a pandemic. It is not surprising that many of us simply do not cope with all the problems and begin to drink a course of antidepressants. However, according to psychiatrists, such drugs often lead to serious side effects that affect our health. We spoke with an expert and found out how else you can deal with stress and anxiety without pills.

What are antidepressants for?

Before answering this question, you need to understand how they work. Depression in humans occurs due to a decrease in the level of happiness hormones in the brain – serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin. Antidepressants work to restore normal levels of these substances.

It is important to remember that such medications are prescribed strictly according to the doctor’s prescription, after an appropriate diagnosis has been made.

If from time to time you feel tired, apathetic or anxious, do not rush to the pharmacy for pills. Instead, it’s better to diversify your diet, add several healthy foods – natural antidepressants, which are sure to improve your well-being.

Fish and flaxseed oil

Recent research has shown that foods high in omega-3s are considered to be some of the best natural antidepressants. Try to eat at least two fish meals a week. If you don’t like fish, use olive oil or flaxseed oil instead of sunflower oil for salad dressing – an alternative source of healthy fats.

Meat, buckwheat, oatmeal

Foods high in B vitamins regulate metabolism and strengthen immunity, but most importantly, they reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. In addition, they improve mood and strengthen the nervous system. Greens contain large amounts of vitamin B9 or folic acid, so add it generously to soups, salads, and stews. Vitamin B1 or thiamine is found in pork, buckwheat and oatmeal. Vitamin B12 enters our body through animal foods such as meat and eggs.

Dairy products and fruits

It is also worth noting that serotonin, one of the main hormones of happiness, is released from the amino acids tryptophan and glucose. Tryptophan is found in dairy products (especially cheese), dates, plums, figs, tomatoes, and dark chocolate. There is a lot of glucose in fruits, vegetables, berries and honey. You can also help the body make its own tryptophan by eating more meat, poultry (especially turkey), and soy protein.

Seafood and cabbage

Seafood and cruciferous vegetables, which contain complex carbohydrates, have the highest antidepressant nutritional qualities. Try to include shellfish, cauliflower, broccoli, and cereal in your diet.

Do not forget that it is quite possible to influence your emotional background not only thanks to proper nutrition, but also to physical activity, a positive lifestyle. Do not get hung up on problems, discover something new every day, and hug your loved ones more often – this is the best way to naturally and safely for health increase the level of hormones of happiness and cope with stress.