Three Effective Calm Exercises

At some points, dealing with anxiety and stress can be quite difficult. So that negative emotions do not poison your life, we talk about three effective techniques that will help you calm down and relax.

Diaphragmatic breathing

The diaphragm is a muscle located between the chest and abdomen. To properly perform the breathing technique, place one hand on your stomach, the other on your chest. Inhale slowly through your nose until you feel your belly move with your hand. The chest should remain at rest. Imagine that the stomach is a balloon that you are trying to inflate (the chest does not move at this moment). After inhaling, tighten your abdominal muscles and exhale through pursed lips. At first, you may feel tired and a little dizzy, but over time your body will get used to it. Breathing like this reduces anxiety because it helps you use less energy and effort to breathe, slows your heart rate, and helps lower your blood pressure.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson is a method in which a state of deep relaxation of the whole body is achieved by consciously tensing certain muscle groups. Sequentially, for a few seconds, you tense each muscle, then release the tension, thus achieving relaxation. It is necessary to focus on the change between tension and relaxation, as well as on the sensations arising from this. The goal of the process is to reduce muscle tension by improving awareness of your body. You can start from the bottom up: try to tighten the muscles of the foot, then move higher.


Sit in a quiet room in a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax and observe your body and breath. Pay attention to the sensations in your body and listen to the sound of your breath. At some point, the thoughts in your head will subside, if you notice that the brain has become distracted, again focus on breathing. The first few practices of thought will distract you, and that’s okay, over time you will be able to control the flow. Meditation will teach you to stop negative thoughts and avoid stress.