How Sleep Problems Affect Relationships

Sleep – and everything will be super

Let’s say everything is fine with you. Love each other, live together, sleep too. There are no complaints about everyday life, mutual understanding is complete, sex is fire (although, as we remember, there are no boundaries for perfection here). But sometimes in the morning, even when, as usual, he brings coffee to bed, a strange feeling awakens in his soul: something is wrong. The coffee is a little thin, it is kind of pensive, and the sun is not expected today. Such thoughts awaken anxiety, and you begin to mentally delve into assumptions. Why fall into the blues in the midst of a harmonious relationship, and even at dawn? Is a crisis coming to your couple? What if he stopped loving? Or, what good are you to him? How so? Now what ?!

In fact, you just didn’t get enough sleep, which is clearly not the first time. And since you are well aware of what a serious and lasting relationship is built on, one more detail remains to be learned: if you want to feel happy in your personal life, do not neglect sleep. Considering that a third of the world’s population ruins health by devoting less than six hours a day to sleep, this rule becomes the main one.

Of course, this is not fiction, but a conclusion based on scientific research published in the Journal of Family Psychology. Florida State University leading psychotherapists conducted a seven-day survey among married couples, giving both spouses observation diaries with instructions to mark their sleep times daily, while assessing interpersonal experiences gained in relationships (dispute resolution, attachment, reliability, sex, involvement in household chores). as well as general satisfaction in communicating with a partner.

A multilevel analysis of the diaries showed that the spouses were much more satisfied with their life together when they got enough sleep. It was also found that the duration of sleep more affects the mood of men – after sleeping for the prescribed eight hours, they became much more positive, even if the situation in the family was far from rosy.

Sleep deprivation is not easy for women in the physical sense, but in general it has less effect on pep.

I dare to assume that lack of sleep builds up our angelic patience, although I’m not sure if it is useful.

In other words, psychologists have determined that when people sleep longer, they are happier with their relationships than after a lack of sleep, and morning dialogues are kinder and more carefree. These results echo with early research showing that individual happiness promotes love and understanding. Scientists suspect that satisfied couples acquire a kind of immunity from negativity, but the development of such a “protective field” requires energy and, consequently, rest.

So keep in mind that if you are chronically not getting enough sleep, this problem needs to be addressed somehow. Determine a strategy and take action: change the decor in the bedroom, install an air conditioner, change the mattress and pillows. All this is for your love. Because well-being, and healthy sleep in particular, affects the harmony in relationships: if, upon waking up, you feel like a broken trough, nothing will please you – neither coffee in bed, nor plans for the future.