How To Eat Less Sweets and Not Suffer?

Five simple nutritionist tips to overcome sugar addiction

One of the most common health problems in today’s society is the overconsumption of sweets. In fact, our cravings for certain tastes often indicate a lack of certain micronutrients in the diet. So, from a nutritional perspective, if you are constantly dreaming about sweets, it is likely that your meals lack the protein, fat and fiber that your body needs for fuel, restful sleep and hormonal health. But that’s not all. Sugar causes a real addiction in a person, which, nevertheless, can be overcome on your own. How to get rid of this harmful, albeit incredibly tasty, habit?

Tip 1: Cut out all the obvious sugar

Yes, “right off the bat”: we act immediately and radically. This advice includes avoiding all refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose syrups altogether. Get rid of all supplies at home and at work, you don’t have to have sugar on hand. Do not go into pastry departments and do not open the menu with desserts. Hardcore only!

Tip 2: Eat a protein-rich breakfast

Make sure your breakfast is high in protein. Protein helps maintain blood sugar balance and dampens sugar cravings. For example, one of your favorites is eggs with vegetables and avocados, oatmeal, and / or Greek yogurt with berries and cinnamon.

Tip 3: reduce your caffeine intake

The formula for success: one coffee a day until 10 am. Scientists at the University of California have shown in clinical trials that drinking several cups of coffee a day causes a spike in blood sugar levels that can make people dream of sugar all the time. One coffee a day in the morning helps to stabilize the situation and prevent these cravings.

Tip 4: take a sip of lemon water

Whenever you feel the urge to order a dessert at a restaurant or buy an almond croissant for lunch, try taking a few sips of lemon water. Another option is to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a 2 liter water bottle and sip throughout the day. Both drinks stimulate gastric juices, which aid digestion and reduce sugar cravings.

Tip 5: Have a snack at 16.00

A protein-rich snack will help suppress sugar cravings during the worst afternoon. These can be raw nuts, Greek yogurt, veggie sticks with hummus, or a boiled egg.

More to the point, by following these tips, you can beat sugar cravings in a record 5-7 days. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to give up sugar forever. Once you are done with this experience, you can occasionally indulge yourself with something sweet. It just won’t be manic and so frequent anymore. After all, a healthy life is about harmony and balance.