How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

As much as we love to sunbathe and relax in the midday sun, we should all recognize the negative effects of UV rays on our skin. And if you do not give up sunbathing, then at least limit it. Dermatologists and cosmetologists say that sunscreens should be at hand and in the most prominent place in the bathroom among those beauty jars that exclude the factor of seasonality and separation by skin types – they are needed by everyone, without exception. As it turned out, not only skin but also hair needs protection from the sun, especially in summer. An expert, hair stylist, spoke about why it is so important to hide curls under a Panama hat at the sea and how to preserve the beauty of your hair after a vacation.


According to the expert, ultraviolet radiation is one of the main causes of premature aging. Excessive influence of the sun on the skin and hair of a person leads to a weakening of immune functions: age spots, wrinkles appear on the face, and the curls look and feel like a worn washcloth – there is little pleasant, and even less useful.

The energy of the sun in moderate amounts is necessary for human health: a portion of vitamin D, the effect of light tanning will not bring harm, only benefit, but the slightest excess of the “solar” norm instantly entails a deterioration in the quality of hair: they are the first to be hit and come into a deplorable form …


· Deterioration of blood circulation in the scalp;

· Lack of nutrients of hair follicles;

· Destruction of hair keratin protein;

· Loss of melanin pigment.

“Do not forget that dyed hair is more quickly exposed to the sun: first, the dye is discolored, then it chemically decomposes and burns out, which leads to serious damage to the hair,” warns the expert.


Preventing hair problems is much easier than fixing them. Therefore, well-chosen and timely hair care in the summer can greatly facilitate your task after a vacation at sea:

hide your hair under a cap – when spending a long time in the sun at sea or in the city, wear hats: caps, hats, scarves – according to your taste, the main thing is that your hair is covered;

“Prepare” your hair for vacation in advance – if you are planning to go on vacation, and before that, say, you still suddenly wanted to change your hair color, then try to make a small moisturizing course for your hair before the trip. Additional care with moisturizing masks and serums will nourish curls, strengthen and make them stronger;

Look for cleansing products with a protective complex – for example, shampoo with a liquid keratin complex. This will not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also “polish” the hair, protecting it from damage. In addition to shampoo, it will not be superfluous to use protective two-phase sprays, balms, gommage masks and conditioners with the same keratins.

Choose salon treatments – the easiest way is to trust the professionals and try a moisturizing or revitalizing treatment in the salon.