How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat?

Simple rules to help you get a toned body and become healthier

Belly fat, especially in the lower area, is a problem area for many women. Alas, even vigorous abdominal and cardio workouts do not always help you lose volume in this area. Overeating is often the reason for this: the body “stores” extra calories in case of frost and hunger. Since it is impossible to lose weight locally, the accumulated fatty tissue lasts to the last, which is why even slender girls have a tummy (and, by the way, many find it very tempting).

Visceral fat is often the cause of the volume in the abdomen. In such a situation, we are no longer talking about aesthetics, but about health: visceral fat entangles organs and becomes the cause of many diseases. It is very important to take action and reconsider your habits, because in such a situation it is not the pursuit of beauty standards that is at stake, but your health.

The main factors that affect the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area:

  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Stress.

Eating rules for a flat stomach

For starters, it is worth giving up fast food, frozen convenience foods, sugar and trans fats once and for all. It’s important not just to create a temporary calorie deficit, but to change your eating habits. It is better to replace lemonades and fruit juices with pure water and herbal tea, chocolate with unsweetened apples, and complex lattes and raffas with black coffee without sugar. You will be surprised how many empty calories you can avoid during the day, you do not need to starve – just make the right choice. What’s more, a good cold brew (cold brewed coffee) with fresh Ethiopian beans can be much tastier than a milk frappuccino with syrup and whipped cream.

Another important point is fiber. Once you increase the amount of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet, you will feel fuller more quickly and you will be less drawn to fast carbs.

To see the result faster, avoid alcohol, as it inhibits the metabolism, this accumulates fat faster in the abdomen.

Add protein and exercise. Muscle burns fat even at rest, so high-quality plant-based proteins and regular exercise can help you get a toned, healthy body faster.

Eat slowly. Treat your meals with great respect: set the table, choose fresh produce, and devote enough time.