Why is a Fruit Diet a Bad Idea?

From Steve Jobs to popular vegan vloggers, eating only raw fruit regularly will definitely change your life. But will it do any good?

Supporters of the so-called fruitarianism argue: eat only raw fruits (and sometimes nuts and seeds) – and you will be happy. More precisely: an accelerated metabolism, a shock dose of vitamins, the proper level of hydration, active brain activity, a boost of energy and a total detoxification of the body. In winter, this approach to diet sounds a bit extreme, but nonetheless plausible. Who dares to accuse fruits of being “unhealthy”?

Today, there are a couple of million followers of Fruitarianism around the world, and they are actively promoting their lifestyle on social networks. Just look at the countless photos of smoothies with the hashtag #fruitarian. But why is an all-fruit diet still not suitable for most people?


Fruits are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which is great news. Thanks to natural sugar and carbohydrates, they give energy. It is no coincidence that at the age of 18-35 years, it is recommended to eat two cups of fruit a day. And what amazing taste they have! But even three or four different fruits cannot provide you with the vital nutrients your body needs to function properly. For example, you need protein to build and repair tissue, and fat to protect organs and help brain function. By eating only fruits, you lose these and other important nutrients.


When you decide to make any dietary changes, you need to carefully consider whether a similar nutritional strategy is right for you in the future. The transition from eating a variety of foods to just one type is inevitably stressful for most people. Any lifestyle change that happens overnight and entails drastic changes is 90% of the time a failure in the long run. Fruitarianism is a rigidly restrictive technique by its very nature. And any healthy eating plan that labels most common foods as off limits can harm your mental attitude towards food and cause you to have a nervous breakdown if you’re not ready for it.


In 2013, when actor Ashton Kutcher was filming a biopic about Steve Jobs, he tried to follow his fruit diet in order to better feel the character and get used to the role. But a week later he ended up in the hospital due to the low level of the pancreas. The pancreas is what is responsible for the breakdown of food, the production of insulin and the control of blood sugar levels. Therefore, if its performance drops sharply, the body cannot process sugar. And if at the same time you eat mostly sweet fruits, then you can easily understand why this is a real problem for the body. Also, for people with diabetes who cannot use insulin, a fruit-based diet can be harmful.

Therefore, before, say, making a decision in the new year to stand on the fruit side, anathematizing all other foods, be sure to consult your doctor.