What Foods Contain Collagen?

Why is it so important to know which foods contain collagen? This is worth knowing if only because collagen fibers are what provides the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Collagen is part of proteins and is synthesized in the body. And quite slowly. This is a material that is very unstable to environmental influences. It breaks down quickly, and recovers extremely slowly.

The collagen in products helps to stimulate the production of its own collagen, thus maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Favorites in this category are protein foods: eggs, meat, fish, soy and others.

Collagen in products will help us to restore its balance, which is quickly lost by our skin. And, since collagen helps the dermis to stay in good shape, maintains elasticity, replenishing its reserves, we preserve youth! How can you not know what products contain collagen, if we are talking about almost eternal youth?

Collagen in food – marine theme

Collagen is found in fish products, namely salmon. You know that such a fatty fish is rich in omega vitamins. Despite the high content of fatty components, this food product is still used even in the diet. Look at the list of the most effective and popular diets, and you will be surprised that salmon is really an important food in the diet. By the way, if it is not possible to purchase salmon, then it can be replaced with an equally useful food product containing collagen – salmon.

Seafood and sea onions, seafood that we can afford, will also help us restore collagen balance.

Collagen in food – meat and company

Pay attention to … the turkey! Its benefit lies in the fact that it contains carnosine – an element that supplies collagen with everything it needs so that it does not break down for a long time and thus maintains the youthfulness of the skin.

Vegetables and herbs – please go to the table! Cabbage, lettuce, parsley, dill, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes, as well as carrots, all help collagen to effectively do its job of protecting against wrinkles. All vitamins and minerals found in vegetables are of undoubted benefit.

Berries will help us too. Blueberries contain the largest amount of vitamin C and therefore occupy the first place in the vitamin table. It is this vitamin that helps to produce such an important element for us – collagen.