Will Artificial Intelligence Replace The Dermatologist?

Google is working on an app to help diagnose skin conditions, hair and nail problems

The expression “Google it” has already become a part of our daily vocabulary. Admit that at least once in your life you turned to a search engine instead of a doctor, trying to diagnose a disease in yourself based on symptoms on the Internet. Medical inquiries have become so common and popular that Google developers have begun to think about expanding accurate, physician-verified information from home. As it became known, the techno giant is working on an application that will help to independently identify the condition of the skin, hair and nails using artificial intelligence.

How does it work? The program, which is currently under active development, will allow users to upload photos of problem areas of skin, hair or nails into the application. It will then analyze the picture and provide a list of possible problems. The application is not intended to make a final diagnosis or replace a personal examination, since most diseases require testing.

“Every year we record nearly ten billion searches related to skin, nail and hair problems,” the company said on its blog announcing the new product. – Two billion people worldwide suffer from dermatological problems, but there is a shortage of specialists in the world. So the first step for many people involves going to the Google search bar, but sometimes it can be very difficult to describe what you see on your skin in two words. ”

The artificial intelligence model that will form the basis of the dermatological application has recently undergone clinical validation. In addition, Google has made sure to test AI on all skin types and tones, helping to provide accurate information to people of all ages, genders and races.