How to Create a Feminine Look: 4 Simple Style Tips

All about the secrets of your personal style.

New Femininity is a four-step puzzle!

Today we have become pragmatic. Few people want to spend money on romantic dresses of the same type that you wear once or twice. These are the so-called “mood things”: if there are many of them, they make the wardrobe bloated, but do not solve the problem of “looking good every day.” The days of “Vedic women” and pale nymphs are over.

Modern fashion keeps up with the times. Androgyny trends only reflect the desire of women to gain a foothold in the male world. Remember the expression “a woman’s strength is in her weakness”? And it is not customary to show weakness today. Femininity becomes in demand when we are interested not only in a career, but also in changes in our personal life. A date, going to the theatre, to a restaurant, a romantic walk. That is, from the public sphere, where a woman is a business partner or a friend with similar interests, femininity has gone into the personal sphere, where not everyone is invited.

How to add femininity to the image without changing your usual lifestyle and without making large investments? Just four steps – and we are there.

Smooth corners

Oversized, men’s jackets, wide leg pants, maxi and midi lengths, shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts. All this creates a rectangular silhouette that is always associated with masculinity, strength and stability. By emphasizing femininity, our goal is to create a silhouette that is distinct from the male rectangle. We use draperies, including shawls or scarves. We take light, flowing fabrics or, on the contrary, soft knitwear, and the image is smooth, parabolic.

Accentuating the waist

The difference between shoulders, waist and hips is what separates the female silhouette from the male. You can say as much as you like that the “hourglass” silhouette is irrelevant. This is partly true: it is irrelevant in everyday life. But since we want to dress up and focus on femininity, we can’t do without a waist. There are many ways to emphasize the waist. The most obvious one is to use a belt, belt or corset. But what if the waist is not wasps? Then we are cunning. For example, we choose the cut of things that create an illusion. Or use the appropriate prints and color block.

Hinting at your shapes

It is a known fact that when a woman is looking for sex, she uses her cleavage to draw attention to her breasts. And if the husband – will put on a tight skirt. “All for show” – this style remained in the distant 90s, when the favourite movie heroine was “Pretty Woman”. Femininity today is chaste and modest. No revelations, only hints are in fashion. For example, veil the chest with silk and lace, and drape the hips with wide palazzo trousers or A-line skirts.

Show off refined body parts elegantly

We have already said that femininity (as opposed to masculinity) is weakness and fragility. Thin areas of the body are responsible for fragility, for example, the neck, collarbones and, of course, the wrists and ankles. Boat neckline, hair tied up in a bun – and now you showed the neck. Sleeve ¾ with wide cuffs – and the emphasis on the wrists suggests itself. Sandals with thin straps that flirtatiously reveal a narrow foot – and even baggy jeans will not spoil the impression.

Now let’s shift all 4 points to the clothes that hang in our closet. Will we be able to accommodate these points when wearing dresses? Yes, absolutely! And in trousers? Yes, too. Eureka! Femininity today doesn’t depend on whether you wear skirts or pants. Feathers and rhinestones, silks and lace are just additional tools, not always appropriate.