What Are The Trendiest Jeans This Season?

No modern fashionista’s wardrobe can be imagined without a pair of stylish jeans. And while the pandemic and months of self-isolation have forced jeans into the background, giving way to comfortable joggers, the return of denim to the fashion pedestal has not been long in coming. 

Despite the growing trend for low-waisted jeans inspired by noughties fashion, the elegant high-waisted straight jeans will also remain relevant in the new season. This comfortable and versatile model looks great with a basic over-sweater and Cossacks during the day as well as with a leather jacket in the evening. Equally fashionable wide and flared jeans are advised to combine with cropped jackets and cropped jumpers and cardigans, as Hailey Bieber does. Instead of the classic skinny jeans this season, go for skinny jeans with rips, a style so favoured by designers and fashion influencers in recent years – even Penelope Cruz recently sported her signature Chanel black jeans with rips down the inner sides. 

Faded blue, deep indigo, black and charcoal grey remain the most compelling denim shades, but look out for brighter, two-tone styles as well.