15 Most Fashionable Things of Autumn for a Penny

If you are sad about the passing summer, then these new clothes will definitely cheer you up.

Summer is running out, which means it’s time to entertain yourself by sorting out your wardrobe and buying new things for the fall. In order to disperse the longing for warm days with a greater degree of probability, we propose to rely on fashionable solutions and find their most budgetary embodiment. Saving is always nice. If you think that actual things will always be expensive, as they are found exclusively in new collections, we hasten to please: you can find unrealistically fashionable things in the heap of store leftovers, since many modern trends are long-lasting.

Grab a list of proven fashion items this fall and a selection from the mass market.

1. And again the check print. This trend belongs to the category of “tired of the order”, but there are pluses in this constancy: the purchase is almost eternal. It seems that plaid jackets and coats are not planning to leave the catwalk either this fall or next spring.

2. Trench coats of all shapes. This season, a thing that belongs to the category of classic, soared to the podium of fashion honour. Buying a trench coat is beneficial in that it will never go out of circulation completely. Nowadays, voluminous versions with an extended shoulder line are relevant, but you should only bet on them if you consider yourself an avid fashionista. For everyone else, it will be more practical to choose the classics of the genre: a double-breasted camel-colored model with a clear shoulder line and set-in sleeves.

3. Bomber coat in the style of the 90s. The cropped flight jacket, which was on the trend list for a long time, but then left it for a couple of seasons, made a fashionable comeback. Also in the top of trends are insulated replicas for the 90s – short puffed jackets stylized as sports olympics.

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4. The skin I live in. This fall, absolutely everything is sewn from leather (and its imitations): from outerwear to blouses. The most relevant are voluminous leather shirts and dresses, which can also be used as outerwear. Fashionable and versatile. It is better to choose natural colors: brown, khaki, milky.

5. Fisherman’s sweater. Designers have actively imposed their love for voluminous sweaters on us all last fall, spring, and in the coming season, it seems, they want to register them in the wardrobes of fashionistas forever. Bulky models are advised to be worn with linen-style skirts, palazzo trousers, leather mini. In general, there is no such thing with which a fisherman’s sweater would look bad.

6. Striped horizons. This fall, designers have turned to a horizontal version of the striped print. Finding things citing this trend will not be difficult, since we are dealing with absolute classics.

7. Romance of the 19th century. Puffs, ruffles, flounces, bows … Romance games are a trend that has dominated the minds of fashionistas for a couple of seasons and is not going to retreat yet. At the moment, there are enough blouses with puff sleeves, flounces and other “favours” both in new collections and in outlets. Why pay more?

8. Grandma’s tablecloth. The flirtation with the retro style continues with the designer hobby for cotton lace and crochet. If you think that this trend is designed exclusively for the summer, then you are wrong. Openwork blouses and cardigans will serve well in the fall.

9. Lingerie style replicas. This trend is also not new, but it is reborn from season to season. Not so long ago, we wore slip-style tops and dresses, the indispensable marker of which were lace elements. Now we need to get rid of them, relying on the most laconic models. Moreover, if last fall, mainly underwear tops were relevant, then this one – skirts. There also remains a trend towards showing underwear through sheer fabric. If you are not sure that you are ready for such drastic fashionable actions, use the top.

10. Corduroy. Designers turned to fleecy textures – plush and corduroy. If you have a corduroy shirt in your store, it’s time. If not, buy it! The most relevant colors are lavender, mint, beige, milky and khaki.

11. Skirt / dress with a slit. The spicy trend from summer will actively migrate to autumn. Until the severe cold comes, it is quite possible to use it. The slit can be adjusted by the depth of the wrap, buttons or drawstring.

12. Rough boots. Of course, the trend is not new. It seems that designers cannot come up with a worthy alternative to army boots: they look very cool with floral dresses and satin linen skirts.

13. Ankle boots with lacing. For those who do not want to arm themselves with the principle of combining the incongruous, there is an alternative shoe trend – cute lace-up ankle boots. These shoes are not with us for the first season either, so you can easily find them in the range of sales.

14. Bag-baguette. This is exactly the model from Fendi, which was so loved by the heroine of the TV series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw. The original costs space money, but replicas can be found at the price of a knitted top.

15. Panama hat. It’s not about a summer headdress. Panamas can be insulated. Tthis headdress is perceived extremely skeptically, but meanwhile it is found in the arsenal of all inveterate fashionistas in the world. Since the mass market is trying to promote the idea of ​​operating Panama for several seasons, you can find an interesting model at a very attractive price. Let this fall be filled with fashion experiments!