The Right Choice: 5 Types of Men Who Don’t Cheat

There is a statement that all men cheat without exception. Is it so? The psychologist of the Secrets Center for Sexual Education, Kim Benson, is convinced that this is not the case. And he tells what kind of men will never commit adultery.

A man who received a decent parenting upbringing

As we know, the model of human behaviour is formed on the basis of parental behaviour. And if the parents showed the boy an example of what a family should be, what honour and dignity in a relationship are, then he will also strive for these guidelines, therefore cheating is unacceptable for him.

Religious man

Certain religious denominations assume exceptional loyalty. Boys are taught from childhood to be true to their choice, to treat marriage as a sacred, pure union. Therefore, no matter what beauty stands in the way of such a man, be sure: he will pass by!

A man with a low sex constitution

Such a man does not need a lot of sex, he can do without it for a long time. Such men are also called “couch” because they are too lazy to strain once again.

Responsible man

He is one hundred percent accustomed to taking responsibility in a relationship, and cheating as a fact is unacceptable to him. Due to the fact that he has high moral standards or in childhood, he witnessed a conflict in parental relationships on the basis of infidelity, and promised himself that he would not do this to his woman. And he keeps this word all his life.

A man caught in a positive environment

Under the influence of the environment of conscious people in men there is a reassessment of values ​​and moral guidelines, men adjust to the environment or select the environment for themselves. Pay attention to who his friends are. Are there many of them who are happy in relationships?

I will say this: “Once a year the stick shoots.” I once had a religious man … In fact, he turned out to be a man with a huge set of stupid prejudices and controversial principles. At first I thought that his beliefs would definitely not allow him to be unfaithful, but how wrong I was … He really believed that cheating is a great sin, but meeting with me only to “wait” until his bride grows up is fine.

It is rather difficult to judge whether a person is capable of cheating, especially at the initial stage of a relationship. But I agree that if a man was brought up in an atmosphere of love and trust and he has the correct family values, then the risk of treason is significantly reduced. The willingness to take responsibility for their actions and for relationships in general is also an excellent indicator. But a lie, even a petty and insignificant one, is a sure sign that a man is capable of betrayal.