7 Signs That Prove: You Are Sexier Than You Think

List from our psychologist.

Low self-esteem and endless doubts about our attractiveness make us see many more flaws in the mirror than we really have.

We often underestimate ourselves, considering us plain and “gray mice”, while those around us perceive us completely differently. How to know if you are much more seductive than you think?

1. If you enter a room full of strangers, they instinctively turn to look at you

You have an attractiveness that others literally read from you, feel from a distance. Believe me, few women have this quality. Perhaps you notice that passers-by involuntarily keep their eyes on you, interestedly examining your clothes, face, figure … This means that you do not need to pretend and pretend to be someone else, just be yourself.

2. They imitate you

Perhaps your friends or colleagues have repeatedly adopted your style, copied your manicure and bought the same clothes as you. Or maybe they asked you for the contacts of the beauty salon, where you do the styling, or the name of the cream you use? This is because they like you and want to be like you.

3. When you criticize your appearance, and you are not understood

Don’t like your nose, bottom or thin hair? And you endlessly complain about it in the presence of your friends? But they seem to have conspired and in no way want to agree with your claims. Believe that they are not trying to calm you down at all, just your shortcomings are not at all critical and are not striking to anyone but you.

4. After the first night, the guys call you back

One of the biggest fears of every young woman is the possibility of appearing uninteresting, especially if you have just started dating a young man and have had your first sex. “What if he doesn’t call again? – we think in horror. “What if he didn’t like me?” But the guys call you and offer to meet again, which means that you are interesting, attractive and sexy!

5. People envy you

Of course, envy is a destructive feeling, but it can be a great marker for those who question their own attractiveness. Believe me, no one envies ugly, wretched and boring women. And if there is at least one person in this world who envies you, then you have something valuable and unique. For fun, you can ask your friends what they would like to have from what you have. Believe me, they probably have something to say.

6. You are in a relationship with the opposite sex more often than your girlfriends.

You may find it normal that guys fall in love with you all the time and want to be around. But not every woman can boast of such success. There are those who have been waiting for a new romance for 3-5 years, while you are always lucky with guys. Even if you are surrounded by many male friends, it also speaks of your sexual attraction.

7. You get compliments

As soon as you put yourself in order a little, put on heels, put on makeup brighter, people around you immediately begin to pay attention to it. They tell you that you look good and how this dress suits you, but you still don’t believe? Compliments go only to those who deserve it. So, you really are a seductive cutie.