Perfect Wardrobe for Fall: 5 Style Rules

In the new season, you want to look stylish and harmonious. How to achieve a flawless look? Just follow five simple rules.

Mix classics with bold trends

This applies primarily to outerwear. It should be close to the classics: trench coats, cage, laconic silhouette, natural basic shades. It is with such coats and raincoats that bright bags, ankle boots with unusual heels or glasses in the style of the 90s are perfectly combined.

Experiment with prints

Combining more than three patterns in one look is aerobatics. And, believe me, you are capable of this! A vibrant plaid plus a floral print with leopard spots added – bold, but very fresh. Just try to keep the color uniformity and you will be fine!

Orange is the color of the season

And this is not just the name of a popular TV series, but a really key shade of autumn. Look out for pants, tops and coats in burnt orange. In general, all “dirty” shades look very stylish, especially when combined with deep autumn colors: inky, purple, emerald.

Menly silhouettes

The coziest and most “fall” things look like you just took them off your boyfriend. Bulky sweaters, shirts “from someone else’s shoulder”, wide trousers and coats a couple of sizes larger – all this fits perfectly on fragile girls. Curvy women can also pay attention to the oversize trend, but you shouldn’t be zealous with it.

Knitwear is our everything

It is in the autumn season that you should immediately acquire several options for sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and capes. The more knitted items in your wardrobe, the better. And it’s not just the functionality, but the hundreds of combinations you can think of. Wear a chunky knit sweater with jeans, a bulky masculine jumper with a pleated skirt and a belt, a 60s-style cardigan paired with your favorite dress.