H2O +1: Water With Cucumber

We are opening a series of materials dedicated to natural “additives” to water. Do refreshing cucumber slices in a glass really do wonders for detox and rejuvenation? Or is it just making the drink a little tastier?

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Cucumbers are perhaps the most common and well-known beauty supplement to everything. From the iconic placement of cucumber slices on the eyelids as a way to reduce puffiness after a stormy night to a lot of gossip about the Kourtney Kardashian diet Cucumber has no shortage of dubious recommendations. Along with apple cider vinegar and celery juice, it has become another alleged panacea for everything.

But what is the use of cucumber slices in mineral water? If this vegetable itself is practically water? However, anyone who has ever sipped a glass of cucumber water at the spa or on the summer veranda can attest that the drink is delicious, refreshing and crispy to say the least. But will adding cucumber to H2O really cleanse your skin, provide a detoxifying effect, and set your life on the right track? Unfortunately, most likely not.

For starters, cucumbers are 95% water. While this makes them an extra-hydrating plant, there is virtually no nutrient left behind. They do have a dose of vitamin K (which helps blood clot) and potassium (an electrolyte that keeps fluid inside cells). But in transparent slices of cucumber in water, even these nutrients are negligible.

What’s more, when you drink cucumber water instead of eating the vegetable itself, you are missing out on more important components such as soluble and insoluble fiber.

What about the claim that cucumber water removes toxins from the body? The same detox effect. This is a giant myth. Or perhaps a placebo effect. The statement that we need any product to detoxify the body is generally dubious. Our smart bodies are very well equipped with everything necessary to rid the body of toxins through its own functions.

However, cucumber water still has benefits. And this superpower is her taste! The palatability of these ingredients is so pleasing to our receptors that it encourages us to drink more water more often. Especially when you have a choice – to reach for a can of sweet soda to remove your thirst in the heat, or still pour a glass of Instagram-intensive water with a cucumber.