What Gift To Get For Your Man

Practice shows that finding a good present for a man for New Year’s Eve is not as easy as it seems. It usually requires a good knowledge of the recipient of the gift, his habits, hobbies and tastes. It is not easy to get away with a “safe” gift that will please everyone, especially now, when all the established ideas of masculinity are crumbling one by one. However, this has its advantages: now the search for a gift that will really please your partner, husband, friend, relative or colleague at work becomes a fascinating creative task – and the reward for its implementation will be the sincere joy of the recipient.

The easiest option would be to choose a practical option that doesn’t require fitting. Small accessories – such as cardholders – usually fall into this category. If you know for sure that a man has a large collection of classic office shirts, then a nice pair of Cartier cufflinks won’t be out of place (after all, they are usually among the things that men rarely buy for themselves). After all, we can look forward to a full return to travel next year and there are still places we can go right now. A warm oversized cardigan or jumper is the best way to show care: knitwear is just what you need for cold winter weather and an up-to-date, bulky cut solves the problem of choosing a size, even if you’re not sure about your size. Perfume is another classic gift that usually comes in handy. Admittedly, it’s important to know the gift recipient’s preferences here – but H24 Herm├Ęs and Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence fragrances rarely leave anyone indifferent. Knowing a man’s clothing and shoe size will give you even more freedom of choice – you could, for example, pick up a pair of smart Prada loafers or a Gucci denim jacket. By the way, don’t underestimate men’s culinary skills either: even if your dad or boyfriend has never seen himself as a chef – they may well want to surprise you with something delicious if you give them a cooking kit (say, pasta).