5 Things That Slim And Beautify Curvy Women

Every year more and more brands decide to create lines for plus-size ladies, and designers invite plus-size models to their shows. This proves that the stereotypes surrounding plump beauties are slowly coming to naught. After all, such women can easily catch the eye thanks to their self-confidence and stylish wardrobe. Here are five things that look great on chubby women.

Straight coat below the knee

Not only is a straight silhouette coat an easy way to look stylish year after year, but it’s also the kind of thing that fits perfectly into a chubby woman’s wardrobe. Especially if you choose a length just below the knee. The secret is simple: when worn wide open, it forms two vertical lines, which visually stretch the silhouette. And even a trendy jumper with horizontal stripes (pay attention to the format of the pattern: this will suit many women with curvy shapes) will not spoil the image of an opulent lady, and, on the contrary, perfectly complement it.

If the weather outside does not allow you to walk with your outerwear unbuttoned, throw a long scarf on top. But don’t wrap it all around, and let the loose ends form those vertical lines.

Midi length smocked dress

If a lady with a bouffant shape hasn’t found “her” dress yet, it’s definitely worth trying on a scoop-up model! It forms a V-neck, which extends the neck and emphasizes the cleavage area, makes an accent on the waist, makes the silhouette more elegant and light. In general – sheer pluses!

Models with slits are especially good: this cutting element makes legs longer, a figure thinner and higher, and a girl a million times more attractive.

The main advantage of dresses on the smell is that this style is universal. These items are sewn from different fabrics – cotton, satin, knitwear, leather and wool. So choosing a piece for the season is not a problem.

In addition, even the summer format can be adapted to the cooler seasons. For example, by complementing it with a cardigan, blazer or coat. And you can also opt for a warm outerwear option based on the smell dress principle.

Dresses with a commensurate print

However, the dress is important not only the style, but also the print. And in this case the plus-size women better remember the rule of proportionality: a too small print will create an unfavorable contrast, and too big print will emphasize the not too small proportions. How to choose? Simply be guided by the scale and lines of your appearance.

For example, fashion blogger Louis O’Reilly’s blog offers both low-key and luxe pattern choices. And don’t forget the intensity and direction of the print, which also play a big part.

Knitted, suited, insulated, swing-vest waistcoats are a timeless classic that plus-size ladies should definitely look out for. What’s the advantage of this fashionable piece? The cut, which, like a coat, creates vertical lines or like a dress on the smell masks the nuances of the figure.

The versatility of the vest is obvious: you can wear it almost all year round and fit it into casual, semi-formal and office dress codes without any problems. In addition, this piece will perfectly replace or complement a cardigan, an elongated jacket and even outerwear for the warmer demi season.

Skinny trousers and jeans

The skinny but not tight-fitting silhouette in jeans and trousers is a goldmine for pudgy beauties. Fashioned in the spirit of “mum” trousers, slouch or “carrots” to flatter the charms of her figure and correct a very voluminous shin. And if you choose a shortened model – they will add elegance and height due to the open ankle. Yes, even in autumn: just wear these trousers with classic high heeled boots!

The salt of these models is the inflated waist, loose fit on the hips (a huge plus is the arrow or guards, which will brighten up the problematic for many “pumpkin” area) and smooth taper at the bottom, repeating the shape of legs.

Incidentally, no one has overturned the right of plus-size women to wear slim fit trousers. If they are soft against the legs but not overpowering, plus-size ladies will look fabulous in them. Slim-fit monochrome models will visually elongate your legs, add slimness to your silhouette and emphasize your shape. If you are worried that such trousers will emphasize your stomach area, choose models with high waist and the effect of support. Or cover the “problem” area with the top piece of clothes.

There really aren’t too many “forbidden” things for ladies in the body. Moreover, there are many styles that look more advantageous on a chubby woman than on a skinny one. The main thing is to choose the right texture, the fit of the silhouette and the cut. And also do not listen to detractors who question the fact that a woman with curves can dress beautifully, please men, be stylish and very happy.