4 Top Skin Care Mistakes In Autumn

Giving up SPF

The most common and dangerous mistake is not wearing sunscreen as autumn arrives. Even if it’s an impenetrable grey outside, UV radiation is still active enough to damage your skin cells and trigger irreversible aging processes. No matter what the weather or time of year, make it a habit to apply SPF50 sunscreen before every outdoor activity and your skin will thank you for it.

Hot water

In cold weather, it’s especially nice to come home and stand under a hot shower or take a warming bath. However, cosmetologists do not recommend excessive use of hot water procedures. Under the influence of high temperature the skin actively begins to lose moisture, which quickly leads to a dry, tight and flaky feeling. Try to use lukewarm water to wash your skin, as well as in the shower, to protect your skin from dehydration.

Too greasy textures

During summer we try to do without oils and “heavy” ingredients in our skincare regime because skin already has a hard time in the heat. Autumn, however, is not the time to go about stocking up on the heaviest, oiliest creams as their time will come in winter. For now, it’s best to focus on restoring the skin’s natural lipid barrier with products containing squalane and ceramides. 

Inadequate hydration

As soon as it gets colder outside (which in our climate happens as early as the first half of September), the heat is turned on in all households which is undoubtedly good for us, but really bad for our skin. The air heated by radiators is very dry, and it’s far from having the best effect on the skin. A humidifier might be a good solution, but a good moisturising set of beauty products is also a good idea. Use tonics and serums for extra hydration and don’t forget facial masks. Remember: The drier your skin is, the faster it will show signs of ageing.