The Top 4 Detective Stories That Will Captivate From Page One

We’ve made a selection of contemporary books for fans of the detective genre – these novels, according to MyBook, the biggest subscription book service, are every bit as good as classics like Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle. There’s just one danger – you’ll start reading and won’t be able to stop until you’ve finished the book. Ready? 

“Troubled Blood” by Robert Galbraith

Under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith hides the author of the Harry Potter books, British author Joan Rowling. It turns out that the detective genre is as successful for her as fairy tales about wizards. The protagonist of her novels – a talented detective Cormoran Strike, who can stand on a par with such “masters”, as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. In Troubled Blood, he is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a woman who happened over 40 years ago. Normally, Strike doesn’t like such cases, but here there are many strange circumstances, and professional curiosity takes over. The detective will have to delve into the past, find witnesses and try to talk to a maniac who has been in prison for years… Intrigued? Read the novel – it’s hard to tear yourself away.  

“The Enigma of Room 622” by Joel Dicker

Swiss writer Joël Dicker, winner of the Grand Prix de l’Académie Française and the Prix Goncourt, knows how to create not only gripping stories, but also a unique atmosphere of old Europe. The action of his new novel is set in a luxury hotel in the Alps, where a young writer comes to rest. But what a vacation – he learns that many years ago at the hotel was a very strange crime, and begins to clarify the circumstances. However to untangle a ball of intrigues is not so simple – here and a love triangle, and the rich heirs, and successful financiers… And most importantly, all, of course, lie. For the writer, this is invaluable material, which he dives into despite the risks. 

“The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” by Stuart Turton

The perfect novel for fans of quality detectives and English aesthetics. Aristocrats, posh estates, balls and receptions… It would seem that what can happen in high society, where everyone occasionally yawns with boredom? But suddenly Evelina, the heiress of a wealthy family, is found dead. The murder is investigated by Aiden, one of the guests of the social gathering during which the crime took place. And then the mystery begins. The day repeats itself over and over again – it’s as if Aiden is caught in a time loop, constantly trying to save the girl. The book is like a quest – lots of details, events and characters. The reader is also involved in this game and, along with the main characters, searches for a way out of the labyrinth. 

“The Kingdom” by Ju Nesbø

The famous Norwegian writer Ju Nesbø is a master of intelligent detectives, with an intriguing plot and subtle psychology. In the novel “The Kingdom”, secrets of the past emerge that destroy the lives of the protagonists… Roy lives peacefully in a small town until his successful younger brother Carl and his wife come to visit. Karl wants to build a luxury hotel in his hometown to attract tourists. Sounds great. However, Roy thinks his brother is up to something and is involved in shady dealings, and at the same time he is attracted to his