What Are Cucumbers Good For?

Minimum calories, maximum benefits

We used to think that cucumbers are vegetables, but in fact they are fruits that belong to the pumpkin family. This debunking of myths does not in any way negate the beneficial properties and high antioxidant content. Cucumbers are low in calories and high in water and soluble fibre, so they are ideal even when the goal is to lose weight

Keeps your skin looking young

Of course, cucumbers are no substitute for good facial care and it’s unlikely that anyone would ever dream of doing that. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, cucumbers help keep skin looking younger too. These molecules inhibit the formation of free radicals, which are not only responsible for aging skin, but can also lead to a range of diseases. 

Promote skin hydration

Water plays many important roles and is in fact crucial to the functioning of the body. Hydration affects everything from physical performance to metabolism. Drinking enough fluids doesn’t negate the possibility of getting water with food. Fruits and vegetables help with this, and cucumbers are 96% water. 

Help you lose weight

Keeping track of your diet and counting calories in an effort to lose a few extra pounds? Look no further than cucumbers – they’re low in calories. Salads, sandwiches and side dishes – there’s no limit to your imagination. With minimum calories and high water content, cucumbers are an obvious choice. Especially as they are so easy to add to your diet, and the light refreshing taste is perfect in almost any dish. 

Try new unconventional combinations: hummus with olive oil and cucumbers, for example, is a very different dish to the usual. 

Reduces blood sugar levels

Research proves that cucumbers lower and control blood sugar levels, and in some cases even help prevent the development of diabetes. Although more experiments are needed, cucumbers have already been proven to be undoubtedly beneficial in this case.