5 Books For Your Long Autumn Evenings

There are some books that keep you in suspense from the first page to the last. Our selection consists of these kinds of books. We offer five real bestsellers with twisting plots and unexpected denouements. 

Imagine a world where people can separate their brains, put them in a “jar” and thus live forever. Of course, this unusual option is not available to all, but only to the wealthiest oligarchs and influential people. Only service personnel and robotic servants remain on earth. This is how Victor Pelevin has depicted the future for all of humanity on the pages of his new book. Russia’s most enigmatic writer leads a closed lifestyle. He doesn’t give interviews, doesn’t attend social events and doesn’t keep social media accounts. But every year,at the end of summer, the author releases his next message to his audience in the form of a fresh, exciting novel. This autumn his Transhumanism Inc. promises to be one of the most talked-about literary novelties.

“The Girl on the Train” by Paul Hawkins

To write this dystopian thriller, Paula Hawkins abandoned all business and part-time jobs for six months, shut herself at home and even asked her father for financial support. But all was not in vain. After the publication of the novel, the Briton became not only famous but also the best-paid writer in the world. And some time later, the plot of the book was transferred to the screens. The main role in the film was played by Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt. Her character Rachel spent a few days watching through the window of the train for a married couple, whose house is located near the railway. Their life seemed perfect to her until one day she noticed something strange. She is convinced that she has witnessed a real crime. But will the police believe her?

“Later” by Stephen King

Time is passing and Stephen King is still the consummate master of suspenseful prose. And once again he has confirmed this with his new novel, which came out at the end of last summer. This story seamlessly combines detective, horror, and thriller. The vivid characters, the mystical atmosphere and the unpredictable denouement keep you hooked from the book until the very last page. Without betraying his own canon, the King of Horrors makes a child the central character in the work. A boy named Jamie Conklin has supernatural powers – he can communicate with the ghosts of dead people and learn their secrets. Admittedly, this gift does not please the hero at all, especially when his mother’s friend, Detective Liz Dutton, asks Jamie to help with one mysterious investigation.

 “The Sister’s House” by Charlotte Link

Charlotte Link’s works are adored around the world. More than two dozen films and TV series have been made based on her books. She has been called Germany’s most successful author and all of her books have gone on to become national and international bestsellers. The disturbing saga House of Sisters is no exception. Her story spans a span of almost a century and portrays the complicated fates of several characters against the backdrop of epochal events. And it begins with the arrival of a married couple in a remote English village for the winter holidays. The couple, held hostage by a heavy snowfall, are cut off from the outside world. Seeking a way out of this situation, the heroine finds a hidden manuscript of the former mistress of the house, whose secrets soon take their toll on her.

“Stillhouse Lake” by Rachel Kane

One day Rachel Kane, director of an international company, decides to leave her prestigious position to pursue a career in writing. Thus the literary world was enriched by yet another acknowledged master of the psychological thriller. Her work, Dead Lake, proved so popular that it soon received a sequel in several more installments. All of them, like a stirring series, are swallowed in the same breath. In the story, the main character Gina Royal, after ten years of marriage, suddenly discovers that her husband is a serial maniac. How could this be unnoticed? People ask her about it every day in endless letters and threatening phone calls. Naturally, the woman has to change names, constantly moves around with her two children and is terribly afraid. After all, the bloody monster haunts her even when she is behind bars.