Everything is Lost: Where to Find Inspiration?

Most effective tips for those going through a creative crisis

For the umpteenth time, the boss says that your ideas have lost their relevance, and you yourself are not trying enough. You, in turn, get upset, go headlong into work, give up on sleep, read the necessary literature and study the work of competitors. However, you are still in a creative stupor and lose productivity, thinking about whether you have chosen the right profession. Femme4 asks you to calm down, breathe out and follow our advice to bring back your inspiration.


A creative crisis comes at a time when you are too overwhelmed with information, although it seems to you that there is emptiness in your head. And instead of being alone, putting aside things for a while and figuring out if you really have a problem, you add new things to your schedule in order to make the brain work more intensively. All you have to do is spend one or two days alone with yourself and understand that any crisis is just a new experience.


Yes, it’s never too late to learn, and even more so from the examples of competitors, but when you are in a crisis of ideas, all sources are useless. Put aside magazines, books and Google, abstract from work, do not try to find a way out here and now: inspiration dwells in other places – this is our next point.


If you are experiencing a creative crisis, we highly recommend taking a few days off and heading out into nature. If this is not possible, ask to work remotely – from the park or your favorite cafe. As a rule, we are inspired by unusual surroundings and simple details: let it be blooming apple trees, a walk along the waterfront with a refreshing lemonade, watching strangers or everyday life outside the walls of your office.


These can be museums, gardens, coffee shops or libraries. Go to the exhibition, even if you think that you do not understand contemporary art, get out to the observation decks and drop in at the open dance lessons. It won’t take long, but it will fill you with new experiences.


Nothing is more inspiring than getting to know a musician, writer, or someone of any other profession who is in love with what they do. In addition, he, too, can give a couple of tips on finding lost inspiration – love for the profession does not arise without loss.


The first thought that comes to us when we are in a collapse: “I can’t do anything else,” but this is not true. Start by doing simple tasks that don’t require a special approach: cook dinner, shake your abs, arrange things in the closet in feng shui, start keeping a notebook with quotes from your favorite works. This will help you distract yourself and realize that everything is easier than it seems.


Small rituals that we repeat from day to day at the same time give us a guarantee that we can control our lives, which means that we will not be afraid of any crisis. Even a glass of lemon water, a 5-minute gym, a run, or 10 pages of a book in the morning can make your day better and more productive.


This seems unacceptable, but relax. There is no need to strive for greatness and uniqueness in what you do. Often it is the thoughts of one’s own uniqueness and intolerance that can hinder the process of work. If you carry out your plan every day, calmly following the points, you will begin to do everything and even more, gradually moving towards self-improvement.


One of the founders of the American company National Forest believes that ideas are hidden behind excess weight. “I go for a run, or ride a bike, or walk the dog – basically, do anything but work on a project. My theory is that good ideas hide in excess weight; if you burn it, they will be free! ” Sport gives a boost of adrenaline and energy, moreover, it gets rid of bad thoughts, so if all people on Earth adored sport, there would be only one point in this material.


The favorite saying of our grandmothers – “They knock out a wedge with a wedge” – will come in handy. To continue working on one thing you love, find another. Perhaps it is through a new hobby that you will be able to understand in which direction you need to move. So take a course in jewelry, Chinese, or fashion illustration.


Where, if not on the other side of the world, to open new horizons for yourself? Don’t have the time and opportunity to get a one-way ticket to Bali? Well, then get on the “Sapsan” or in your own car and go to the northern capital, or maybe on a short trip to the neighboring  cities. Inspiration will rush at your heels and one day it will still keep company in the next seat.