5 Ways to Shorten Your Morning Routine Time by Half

How to get together in 40 minutes, having time to go to the shower, have breakfast and do makeup?

Mornings are one of the most stressful moments of the day, which, with its disorganization, can set the wrong tone for the entire working week and knock it out of the rut. Femme4 has collected five simple and ingenious ways to make your morning effective and really comfortable.

  1. Control the time in the shower and the water temperature
    It is no secret that a contrast shower is useful for the hormonal background, helps to awaken and, most importantly, smoothly prepares the body for the beginning of a new day. Set your alarm for a shower, such as 15 minutes, five of which should be devoted to contrast watering.
  2. Stop constantly checking your phone and answering all morning messages
    Make it a rule to check your iPhone and apps only after leaving the house. Every extra 2-3 minutes on Instagram or any other app takes up your precious time for the morning, which is why you are in the morning stress, despite the imaginary control.
  3. Solve important tasks in the evening
    Choose clothes for the next working day in advance, as well as think through your breakfast in detail and, if possible, cook yourself something.
  4. Organize your space
    Keep all the things you need for the morning gathering in the usual place. Often it is in the morning that we can look for a comb, favorite hair tie or lunchbox for a long time, which begins to unnerve and takes 5-7 minutes to search. Just train yourself to put everything you need in your place, then in the morning you will be able to collect yourself almost with your eyes closed for a new day.
  5. Reduce your beauty routine
    Your makeup is one of the most important elements of the image, so be sure to allocate time for it, but not more than 15 minutes. Try in the evening to decide what specific beauty products you will use for makeup, and move strictly according to plan.