How To Lose Weight and Get In Great Shape By The Summer: 5 Simple Tips

It’s time to pull yourself together and take care of yourself

What could be more pleasant than the feeling of lightness in the body, when old jeans have become a little looser and do not squeeze anywhere else? Even if you do not have a goal to lose weight, then organizing detox therapy for the body will not be superfluous. We decided to start preparing for the beach season slowly but surely, several months in advance, so as not to rush anywhere and to do everything right.

A nutrition expert told us how to get in great shape by summer, improve skin condition, and strengthen immunity without complicated manipulations.


Many are too lazy to undergo a comprehensive examination, go on a diet, and then face health problems. Be wiser, first pass tests that will help you assess the current state of the body. Be sure to go for a consultation with a specialist: the doctor will analyze the tests received, tell you exactly how to make up for the vitamin deficiency.


Add greens more generously to your diet, especially in spring: there is nothing tastier and healthier than dishes with fresh parsley, cilantro, spinach, onions, dill, cabbage, celery. Cut up salads, experiment with food combinations, and remember that fresh herbs and vegetables are sources of vitamins that help our bodies work and develop in harmony. Give up already at last from complex salads with fat sauces, try to pull yourself together in the spring and start enjoying light food.


With the arrival of spring, there are more reasons for physical activity: grab your friends and go for a walk, breathe fresh air, run. Make it a rule to walk everywhere if possible: do not call the elevator – go up the stairs, walk to the store. You will see that over time, the body will surely thank you, and you will quickly get into the desired shape. Long walks in the fresh air not only speed up metabolic processes, fat burning, but also help to relax, distract from difficult thoughts. An alternative to walking is a short exercise at home: get up 15-20 minutes earlier than usual and stretch, jump, stretch.


A simple but effective advice that helps not only in matters of weight loss, but also a healthy lifestyle in general. In winter, we drink water less often, more often – hot tea, coffee for energy and to keep warm. But for the harmonious work of the body, you need to drink just plain water and nothing else. Try to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals to improve digestion.

5. Avoid snacks

In winter, we often feel a lack of energy, apathy. The brain requires endorphins, and we find them in food, literally eating up sadness and stress. Over the winter, we develop a habit of constantly snacking on something: chips, sweets, chocolate, because of which we subsequently gain extra pounds. We suggest making a little effort and giving up the continuous consumption of unhealthy foods, eating strictly three times a day in moderate portions, but balanced and varied food.