What Wool Hats To Wear This Winter

New collections dispel the stereotype that choosing the right hat is almost impossible. This season designers offer such a variety of models that it won’t be difficult to find the right one. This means even those who don’t think a hat is the right choice for them will still be able to find a suitable bini. However, the designers are ready to argue with that. To find the perfect hat for winter, look at the models from autumn-winter shows – laconic or, on the contrary, bright and ironic.

For those who follow trends and like to stand out from the crowd, pom pom hats are the way to go. Look for them in the new Paul Smith and Canada Goose collections. These hats are perfect to wear with a quilted jacket or a cropped down jacket. They will also complement the apr├Ęs ski look perfectly. A balaclava hat, like the one worn at Miu Miu, can be an alternative to this headwear. Such an accessory can be worn even without a scarf – especially if it is made of 100 percent wool.

Finally, one of the most obvious trends was the simple and uncomplicated beanie hat. Interestingly, in the past such hats were only worn by men, but now they have become a kind of classic winter wardrobe for women. Of course, the current bini is different from their male counterparts from the past, but they still retain the simplicity and conciseness. Despite the designers’ use of rhinestones and logos, these hats look modest and minimalist. Check out the season’s most fashionable hats in our new selection.