Skin Care After 30: Eight Rules Of Youth!

The heyday of femininity falls on the age of “30+”. But, having crossed the thirty-year mark, in the morning we are often dissatisfied with our reflection in the mirror. Half an hour a day of personal care and the skin will remain young for a long time

Dull complexion, swelling, signs of fatigue under the eyes, wrinkles … Do not despair, make your skin beautiful – in your hands.

At 30+, the process of regeneration in cells is noticeably reduced, the skin loses its tone due to slowing down the synthesis of collagen and elastin, so the first wrinkles appear. Just moisturizing the skin is no longer enough. It still needs to be restored and protected.

Care must be continuous, comprehensive and thorough. In short, if you want to look young, don’t be lazy! It is not difficult at all to devote fifteen minutes in the morning and in the evening to yourself. And the result will be visible.

At our request, a dermatologist  has formed eight “golden” rules for skin care after 30 years. 

  • Rule one: To avoid swelling the next morning, reduce the amount of fluid consumed at night. It is better to drink a cup of tea, a glass of mineral water or juice no later than two hours before bedtime. In this case, all excess fluid will have time to “leave” the body.
  • Rule two: Try to visit a beautician regularly, at least once a month. Professional skin care is essential.
  • Rule three: Twice a year it is useful to undergo a course of lymphatic drainage massage for the face. Usually one course includes five to seven sessions. After these procedures, the microcirculation of blood in the vessels improves, the skin looks noticeably rejuvenated, its tone increases, fine wrinkles disappear for a couple of months, especially in the nasolabial folds. If you don’t have time to go to a beauty salon, then once a week, after a cleansing mask, do a facial massage yourself. Lightly pinch the skin along the massage lines in a circular motion.
  • Rule four: Protective cream should be on your dressing table! Choose those that stimulate collagen production in your cells. The substances contained in such creams “push out” wrinkles from the inside, even out the skin texture, strengthen its lipid barrier, and improve the complexion.

A nourishing cream is best used if you have dry or very dry skin. The composition of the nourishing cream should include antioxidant vitamins A, E, C and vitamin F, which well relieves irritation and eliminates the feeling of tightness.

  • Rule six: do not neglect face serums! But you need to use them together with the cream. Unlike cream, the concentration of biologically active components in serums is much higher, they penetrate faster into the deep layers of the epidermis. To prevent your skin from being oversaturated with potent substances, use serums in courses, twice a year – in autumn and spring. Ideally, apply the serum under the cream in the morning or evening.
  • Rule Seven: Twice a week it is good to apply a mask on your face. At your disposal are cleansing (for oily skin – better on the basis of clay), regenerating, toning and moisturizing.

The composition of such masks, as a rule, includes collagen, elastin, B vitamins, vitamins A, E, minerals and fruit acids. All these components perfectly care for the skin of the face, nourish it, saturate it with moisture and tone it up.

If you have combination skin, you can use two masks at the same time: for example, apply a cleansing mask for oily skin on oily areas, and for dry skin on dry ones. Anti-aging and skin tightening masks can be used no more than once every two weeks. The concentration of active substances in such masks is very high, the skin can get used to it and stop responding. Or, even worse, an allergy will start. Remove any mask from the face very carefully, without stretching the skin.

  • Rule Eight: Care for the skin around the eyes should be special. Age-related changes are primarily noticeable under the eyes. Choose the remedies depending on the problem you want to get rid of. For example, there is an eye cream with a lifting effect, a cream that removes puffiness, a cream for dark circles under the eyes …

The cream you are using on your face will not work.

In this area, the skin is especially thin and delicate, its thickness is one third of the rest of the skin. There are no fat cells and sebaceous glands on the eyelids, which means that they are less protected from environmental influences. In addition, the game is of great importance for the appearance of the eyelids.

mimicry. When buying a cream under the eyes, pay attention that the jar must be marked “the product has passed ophthalmological control.” This will help avoid possible allergic reactions.


Face cream and eye cream should not be applied immediately before bed! Usually, such creams contain many moisturizing components, if they do not have time to be absorbed into the skin, the next morning the face will be swollen. It is ideal to apply the cream forty minutes before going to bed. Blot the rest of the cream with a napkin.

Include in the diet juices of celery, fresh cabbage, and parsley. Their taste is not for everybody, but there is a sea of ​​useful substances for the skin!

Morning washing with cold mineral water gives a good boost of vivacity to the skin.

When taking care of your face, do not forget about the skin of the neck and hands. These areas are the first to give out age. For neck care, use the same cream that you use on your face. It is useful to do gymnastics regularly: stand in front of a mirror, tighten your neck muscles and pull your head up. Relax. Strain again. And so 10-15 times.