How To Decide On a Shade of Makeup For Eyebrows, and Not Lose Your Face

Even smokey eyes and contouring do not raise as many questions from women as eyebrow makeup. We propose to put an end to the question of choosing your own shade forever.

Thick natural eyebrows are a trend that has not ceased to be relevant for almost 10 years. And during all this time, millions of people have not yet learned how to correctly select their shape, shade and eyebrow makeup products. Whatever the market of decorative cosmetics is full of (and the assortment is very wide), in all this diversity it is necessary to find “your” beauty tricks.

The essence is at the root

We all understand that black eyebrows will not suit blondes, but these are far from all the nuances in this matter. Professional make-up artists agree that each person’s eyebrows are unique, and therefore it is simply impossible to find a universal shade that suits any one. It is not enough to choose brown shades for brown-haired women and an orange pencil for red, in this case it is worth looking deeper, namely, at the hair roots. Almost always, experts prefer products that are lighter than the natural color of the hair, and they draw eyebrows corresponding to the color type to the hair of a warm (and cold) shade. Please note that sparse hairs are not suitable for girls whom nature has awarded with thick and thick hair, the rule works and vice versa.

Lighter, even lighter!

No, that doesn’t mean stocking up on bleaching powder! According to modern trends, cosmetics should emphasize, imitate the natural shadow of the hairs, and not create an eyebrow from scratch. An ideal effect can be considered when there is cosmetics on the eyebrows, but it seems as if it is not there – a  “makeup without makeup”. Pay attention to the height of your forehead – “dense”, “full” eyebrows will not fit narrow. But girls with an outstanding and wide forehead can afford to go out of their way, but not too much!

If everything is “redhead”

This is where your skin tone plays a role. Girls with aristocratic pale skin of a cold color type (determined by the shade of the veins on the wrist) are strongly discouraged from products with a red or orange undertone – often the shades are called “nutty”, “wheat” or simply “brown”. The exception to the rule are people with red hair – they can safely choose warmer cosmetics, and ask their friends for pencils and shadows, which are “reddish”. Many manufacturers have included the taupe shade in their line of eyebrow products – the perfect brown with a gray undertone. For many women, this color is a real salvation, we recommend that you take a closer look!