Why Haven’t I Been Promoted Yet?

You are hardworking, diligent, and you do a pretty good job at your job. The chef favors you, the colleagues are friendly. It seems that nothing should interfere with your career growth. But others move forward and upward, and you stand still. What’s the matter?

There are seven main reasons that prevent conscientious women workers from successfully moving up the career ladder.

1. You do your job very well and your boss loves you a lot.

This is a common misfortune for many humble women. They are neat, executive, friendly to the boss, if necessary, willingly take on part of his duties and outwardly look quite satisfied with their position. Well, why should the boss refuse such a profitable employee? He will keep her for himself, because she does not outwardly show dissatisfaction with her position, diligently suppresses ambitious ambitions and waits for her disinterested work to be rewarded.

Do not be shy. Let your boss feel like you’re looking forward to a promotion. And then he will think about whether he should hold on so tightly to an employee who may one day be put in his place, and whether it is safer to recommend her for some leadership position in someone else’s department. It is useful to attract the attention of your superiors with some kind of business proposal, but a compliment to a new suit will also work, as long as the impression is pleasant. Tell some colleagues how you would like to spread your wings and try yourself in something new.


For the promotion, you will have to sacrifice calmness and psychological comfort. Your quiet backwater at the computer table will turn into an open and stormy sea subject to all storms.

2. You stopped in your development

Please tell me if you are going to visit a very nice and diligent hairdresser who does his hairstyles twenty years ago and does not know how to use modern hair dye compositions? Of course no. Moreover, you will not be surprised that he moved from the central salon to a second-rate hairdressing salon somewhere on the outskirts of the sleeping area. No job will promote someone who does not improve in his specialty, or has not learned a single foreign language, or is not friendly with a computer, or is not able to entertain an important client with a pleasant conversation.

Do not spare money and time for study. Consider, the broader your horizons, the higher the post you will sooner or later get, if only because you will see new opportunities where no one else will notice anything good. Therefore, read books (any, because even in a woman’s novel or an ironic detective story you can find a mountain of useful information) and set yourself an iron rule: go to the theater or to a concert once a month.

3. You are late all the time

It would seem such a trifle to come running to work later than the boss once or twice a week, because you manage to do everything well and on time. But do not count on a promotion with such habits, since absolutely all managers at the subconscious level are sure: those who constantly come later do not like their work once, you cannot rely on them twice.

Show up at work half an hour early. You have no idea how many things you can do alone in just thirty minutes, and in a year you will have accumulated two whole weeks of extra work time. Such an amazing worker simply cannot be promoted!


The husband and children for the first two months will be unhappy with the fact that the mother does not feed the family breakfast. Then they will get used to it.

4. The situation is the opposite – you stay late at work until late at night

It would seem that such perseverance should be encouraged by the authorities, but no, nothing like that. Everyone assumes that you are not coping with business or are mired in personal problems and you just do not want to return home.

Hold for 10-15 minutes. Thus, you will show that at least you are not disgusted with the work, and you will have time to prepare for tomorrow. Through the weather, you will earn a reputation for being passionate about business, reliable and organized.


You can justifiably ask your husband to go to the grocery store for dinner. 

5. You are fragile or you like to complain about it

How can an employee who is constantly ill or who talks a lot about her illnesses count on career growth? Even if you are doing a perfect job, it is difficult to entrust a responsible job to someone who at any moment can be hit by the flu, worsening colitis, an attack of autumn-winter depression or a hypertensive crisis. There is nothing inhumane in this approach of the bosses. The higher the post of a leader, the more people depend on him and the more disorganization in the life of the team is brought about by his poor health. By refusing to promote one sickly employee, the bosses spare his many potential subordinates.

Invest in your physical and mental health. Go to an experienced family doctor, sign up for a fitness club, put your nerves in order. All expenses will pay off quickly and many times over. Being in good physical shape and cheerful mood will allow you to cope with work faster, take on additional workload and overtake colleagues on career turns. In no case do not pretend to be a “victim of labor” and do not say: “Despite the severe exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis and numbness of the right hand, I made all six reports” or “Who would know how bad I was in the morning, but I -so crawled to work! .. “

Some women believe that such agony adds value to the employee in the eyes of the boss. But in life everything turns out differently. Management will take pity on you, pay for your health insurance, save you from overloading, and deprive you of any chance of promotion. Or, alas, alas, it will generally reduce in the first place.

Side effects

A rejuvenated look and a burst of energy.

6. You are too selfless

You have never asked for a raise in salary, you are ready to do with little and you never demand to entrust you with a project that pays higher. Such modesty is convenient for your superiors, but not beneficial for you. The management thinks that you are not confident in your abilities, that you are not needed anywhere else and that you will never go anywhere and that you are generally indifferent to everything material, like an Indian yogi.

The amount of money you receive is an indicator of the quality of your work. Don’t say, “Thank you, I have enough.” Ask for more. Do not be shy. Having received a raise or a highly paid assignment, you acquire more opportunities to prove yourself, to show off your talent or hard work. Highly paid employees are always paid special attention to by all higher officials, it is interesting to know what she is paid for.

Side effects

The first, unpleasant: you asked not to give, which injured your pride. The second, pleasant: I asked for a given, which increased the level of your well-being. The third, natural: from those to whom more is given, more is demanded. 

7. You have no goal

A very popular female condition. You want something good, but you don’t know what exactly: whether to take the post of your boss, or move to another company, or cling to the vacant managerial position in the office opposite. Since there is no goal, it cannot be achieved. You are not promoted or promoted, and you are not noticed at all.

Create a diary and write down the goal of the year, the goal of the month, and the goal of each week of your life. And as soon as any of them is achieved, arrange a small holiday for yourself.

Thinking about your goals, you can understand that neither a promotion nor a brilliant career will beautify this place of work. And start looking for something else.